Aakash wins a night of luxury

Aakashdeep Sehgal who has by now earned himself the tag of being the most notorious contestant on Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, wins a comfort cookie for himself!

If you think the tasks on Sony Entertainment Television's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao are pretty innovative, then get this,  so are the prizes.

According to our source, "The contestants were given the Treasure Hunt Task where they had to peel sweet potatoes and find the right key to a trunk and Aakashdeep won that task. That earned him 'Jannat' which literally means heaven. Jannat gives Aakash the chance to spend the night in a lavish tree top house with a bed for a night with one companion."

If given a chance to make a guess we would have probably pointed out Aakash's best friend Chetan or his latest eye-candy Negar as the prospective partners for his one-night-at-the-tree-top. But Aakash didn't choose both of 'em! Our source reveals, "Aakash chose to take Marc with him. It is a baffling choice. But that's the way Aakash wanted it to be!"

Our source also discloses that, "When the contestants were offered with sweet potatoes as part of the task, they were taken over by some eerie emotion which probably was the result of days in the jungle. They started eating the sweet potatoes instead of concentrating at the task in hand, some even started dropping them in their bags in an attempt to save food for the future," says the source.

Oooh! Seems like the jungle has actually turned them junglee!

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Comments (5)

he's ugly and what he did to anaida shows how ugly he really is.

14 years ago

thats hilarious- well done akash- hope you enjoy your small stay @ the treehouse! LOL

14 years ago

I can't stop larfing dat Ur last Comment... n I 4got whole thnk of Akash Except junglee ppl..

Congo Akash

14 years ago

funny.....dey pur da potatoes in their bags hahahah

congratz akash!!

14 years ago

in my view this show is very interesting ...well congrats 2 akash ..

14 years ago

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