Aakash Ahuja of Thapki Pyar Ki 2: It was a good run; happy that the story is not ending abruptly

India Forums reached out to Thapki Pyar Ki 2 actor Aakash Ahuja and spoke to him about the show going off-air, what he'd miss about the show, and more more.

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Aakash Ahuja

Actor Aakash Ahuja is currently seen playing the character Purab Singhania in the television show Thapki Pyar Ki 2, airing on Colors. The team shoots for their last today, and the show is slated to go off-air in April first week. India Forums reached out to Aakash and spoke to him about the show going off-air, what he'd miss about the show, and more more.

Read the quick conversation here.

What does it mean for you, to cope up with a show going off-air. How do you look at it, and how has that understanding evolved over time?

I have a positive outlook for everything in life. I have no complaints and regrets with anyone. It was a good run and I am also happy that the story is not ending abruptly. 

Something you'd miss the most about the show.

Shooting daily with the team and co-stars, enjoying the whole process. So yes, that would be missed much.

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What is the kind of work you're looking to do? Any specifics?

I am open to all of the mediums. I think it's just the script which should entice me as an actor. If the script is something that arouses my interests, then I am ready for it. 

Who, from the industry, do you look up to and why?

I don't look up to anyone in particular. But any person who is doing good work inspires me through his character, or the project he/she has done.

Well, fans of the show and actor are sure curious to see what comes next for him after all.

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Comments (2)

They emasculated Purab. Lol.

1 years ago

I remember Purab being amazing and being goals

But they destroyed him in last few months.
It was also the reason why people didn't liked the show

1 years ago

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