A Unique way of 'hair' direction on the Dulhan Sets

When Sharad Malhotra found it difficult to remember the hairstyle that he must maintain at all times as as the 'new' Sagar - the director found a unique way to remind him!

Sharad Malhotra's character 'Sagar' in the Zee daily Banoo Main Teri Dulhan had been mentally challenged to start with, so at that time his hairstyle was different. With him becoming morally sound, his mannerisms changed, and so did his hairstyle. Hence the handsome actor did as required and got himself a cool haircut.
But the problem did not end there. It was not only the matter of changing his hairstyle, but maintaining it as well! With long hours of shoot, Sharad kept forgetting to do his hair before a scene. Unless the director reminded the actor, he would slip back to his old looking hairstyle and loose the 'new' look.
Though exasperated at having to give so many reminders everyday, instead of loosing his head or his cool, this very creative director of Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - Ismail Umar Khan - found a unique way to solve this very unique problem.
'With 12 to 14 hours of gruelling shoot, poor Sharad often forgot to keep track of his hair,' rued this good humoured director good naturedly. ' Even the technicians would not realise it. And if it slipped my attention, then the result was that no one would notice it until the shot was done and canned. I was at my wit's end thinking how do I remind Sharad to sport the same look and hairstyle all through..so I had this ides. I went to the hairdresser and got myself the same haircut! Now everytime Sharad sees me, he remembers to do his hair just the right way! So not only now I myself have a new makeover with a trendy hairstyle, I have also got an easy solution to this whole problem. And we have no bother ever since!' laughed Umar triumphantly.
With such a cool director around, no wonder Sharad Malhotra comes across as such a cool dude in Dulhan! Wish there were many more intelligent and easy to work with directors like Ismail Umar khan around! Way to go!
Author: Minnie Gupta
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Priya_SD 2008-04-26T12:16:05Z haha lolz but sharad looks sooo cute w/ his haircut
ritzy2ritz 2007-08-22T20:18:33Z ahhhh there he is.. our lil handsome! awesome n funny article and pic!!
Neetusxm 2007-08-22T15:38:57Z oh my god this is so funny... i cant stop laughing... excellent article ...
Siddhi_ 2007-08-22T08:25:51Z LOL... So funny - Sharad is such a great actor though.
Ambrosia 2007-08-22T01:12:44Z haha.. what an article.. good one.. thanx
~bella~ 2007-08-21T20:11:31Z loooll!!ahahaa wut an extremely unique way of reminding him!
springs 2007-08-21T18:55:34Z haha! That's a nice article - what a brainwave!
Dark Love
Dark Love 2007-08-21T18:27:25Z haha i dont even watch the show, but it was so eye catching! lol thats sweet!!
ritzy2ritz 2007-08-21T17:50:17Z thanks soo sweet great article! enjoyed it!
ammmu 2007-08-21T14:43:11Z OMG that is just too cute and funny... what a sweet director!! :)

I love his hair now, it's perfect as it is... ufff :) thanks Minnie di!
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