A tete-a-tete with Kiran Karmakar

Kiran Karmakar, better known as 'Om' of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, on his cameo in Ghar Ek Sapna and more...

On the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna, we caught up with the low profile but talented actor.
You’ve been paired opposite the two leading ladies of Indian television - Smriti Irani and Sakshi Tanwar. How was it working with both of them?

Both have been extremely nice to work with. They are great with their lines and shots. Both are highly professional and yet they have no attitude issues what so ever. As for Saakshi, I’ve worked with her for a long time, so there was a comfort zone of the sets of Kahaani. The best part about Smriti is that despite her busy schedules with Uragya and Balaji, she manages everything well.

How has it been working on the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna? How is the unit different from the units you've worked in?

It's an honor, we are working with such experinced actors like Alokji. The unit really enjoys a lot. They have a large bank of episodes and everything is at ease. The sets are wonderful too. Like today we shooting the hospital scene, the unit has actaully built this hospital set. Its all solid concrete. They make sure everything is perfect. The directors, the staff is just great. You can see for it, that we are shooting a sad hospital scene but yet, we are having so much fun.

How is the story at Ghar Ek Sapna revolving around your character here? Are you playing one of the leads? Or just a cameo?

My character was brought in here to be paired opposite the oldest daughter of the family, who had her engagement break off. Now this guy here too as a sister, the family wants Harsh and her to get married, but the family doesn’t know that Harsh is already married off to Cynthia. Before the marriage we find out that Harsh is married and the engagement is broken off. So its just a two month cameo.

After playing a old father, you’re finally playing your age on Ghar Ek Sapna. How is the come back?

Well, I was playing my age in Thodi Si Zameen, but off course I was playing a mentally ill person there. But yes, it feels great to play my age. I am playing this happy go luck guy, who is romantic, I get to play pranks, I get to be a son, and a fiancé, and a brother.

Talking about your role in Thodi Si Zameen, how was it playing a mentally retarded person?

Before things were confirmed with the production house, I had decided that I will not play a mentally ill guy who pretends to be like an eight year old. I had clearly put my foot down on that. We have had shows in the past and even on air now, doing that. It is absolutely fine, but when you say - “mentally ill” you cannot just be acting like a kid, there are more elements to it. Such as my character was scared of laughter, loud noise, fire, etc. and other than that, he appeared to be normal. But now, my character has become negative, the guy is not crazy anymore, he is normal, but has begun showing shades of grey.

Anything new projects coming along?
It’s a little too soon to talk about it. But I will be a part of Comedy Circus on Sony.

Can you elaborate a little please?
Sorry, I cant reveal much of it right now. But many TV actors such as Ali Asgar, my self, Varun Badola, Ketki Dave, Karishma, and many more are going to be in it. It is thirteen weeks long.
Reporter and author: Hiral Bhatt
Contact writer: pm anju0930

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I like his role in GEP.
Thanks for the article.

16 years ago

nice 2 see him back in comedy circus.........

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Thanks.I miss him in kahani.I don't like his character has become negative in tsztsa.

16 years ago

Great tete a tete
liked it! i like Kiran karmarkar nah, since Kggk! a very good actor!

Thx again!

16 years ago

I wanna see Comedy Circus.... thnx for d great interview

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