A Superstar in the making - Mayuresh Wadkar

Mayuresh Wadkar, the very popular contestant of Zee's Dance India Dance talks about himself, his future plans and much more..

A superstar in the making, contestant of Dance India Dance's Mayuresh Wadkar talks to us about his likes/dislikes, his past and future.

Who/what inspired your dancing career?
Dancing was actually an inborn talent in me. I loved dancing since I was a child and really liked Prabhu Deva and Michael Jackson as they are brilliant dancers. I used to love watching them dance and copying their movements. When I dance and perform, I feel like I'm flying, it's a magical feeing. 

Tell us something about your family and personal life.
My dad works with Air India as an Engineer; my mom is a housewife, and my sister is currently doing Fashion Designing. I have always wanted to be an actor and I took the first step towards acting by working on my dancing. Before we shifted to Mumbai, my dad was in the air force and we lived in Madras. We lived in a chawl (very small colony) as my dad did not have a job at that time. After this I realized I had to help out and do something, so I worked very hard and did some odd jobs trying to meet ends. I did many things such as worked as a salesman, and also did some editing in Balaji, soon after which, I got a chance to join Terrence Sir's Dance Academy on a three year scholarship. 

As a DID contestant, what was your happiest moment?

My happiest moment as a DID contestant was when I got eliminated. At that moment, everyone was so upset and all the people there including the driver, the cameraman were all so upset and said, 'If Mayuresh is eliminated the show is over." That really touched me and I was so happy to hear that everyone cared so much about me and I had left my mark and everyone loved me so much.

Do you believe in love?
Yes, I truly do believe in love. I believe that there is not only one kind of love. There is the love between parents and children, between friends, husband/wife and all of these relations and bonds are so strong and portray a different type of love. Love is very important in life and is everywhere. 

What are your future goals/aspirations?
I have always wanted to be an actor, so now I am going to work on my acting skills. I am also never going to leave my dancing as it is more of a passion for me than work. I just want to do something where I am appreciated and will continue to work hard. 

What is your favorite holiday spot?
My favorite holiday spot is Mauritius.

What is your favorite food?

I mainly love Indian food and Italian food.

What is your favorite song?
My favorite song is Pehla Nasha. 

Who is your favorite actress?
My favorite actresses are Kajol and Sushmita Sen.

Is there any message that you would like to send to your fans?
I just want to say thank you for all your love and support. I also want to say that you have supported me so much and I am grateful for that. Also, as you guys are my fans, I have become a fan of yours, as you have showered so much love on me. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Reporter and Author: Anna Sandhu

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Comments (29)

aww... thats so sweet. i adore mayuresh. all the best to him

14 years ago

@ desicrowd I think thats true coz I saw that on Siddhesh's orkut profile and that is not a fake account.Its his real account.Check that out if u hav ur account on orkut.

14 years ago

My best wishes to you Mayuresh.......you are a true dance star !

14 years ago

All The Best To him he is a magnificent dancer !

14 years ago

All the very best to the most adored person on DID...

@shifa_jain....is Siddhesh's dads news real? that's very sad...condolences to his family.

14 years ago

My best wishes to you Mayuresh. May you be successful in all your endeavours. Keep dancing and Keep Smiling. Looking forward to seeing you on the big screen....

14 years ago

Good luck with everything Mayuresh! I wish you all the best.
We truly miss you!

14 years ago

good luck with everything that you do, you are a true dance star.

14 years ago

Mayuresh you rock!
i hope to see in you a movie/serial or something else!

14 years ago

Awww..love you Mayuresh..hope to see you in movies soon :]

14 years ago

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