A Smile Speaks A Thousand Words

A smile goes a long way - it speaks multitudes! What makes our favorite actors Neha Bamb, Iqbal Khan and Reshmi Ghosh smile?

Published: Friday,Aug 10, 2007 17:43 PM GMT-06:00
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Smile please! Whether its a photograph or a memory, we all want to remember it smiling. What’s the simplest way to spread a good aura around us? How about smiling? And who can forget the infamous smiling icon on our messenger? We all smile for someone or something! Sometimes we frown also but did you know it takes less muscles in our face to smile than it takes to frown? So why not make ourselves a bit lazy and give our face a little less excercise - simply smile! Our I-F Reporters catch up with some of our very own favorite celebrities to find out their thoughts on their smiling factors in life! Lets find out what makes your twinkling stars smile ☺

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The sweet and cute Mahi aka Neha Bamb says, “We recently had a baby boy in our family and playing with him always makes me smile. Usually its not that easy to make me smile and even my friends agree. However, whenever I’m with the baby, I’m always smiling.”

“Recalling my school days makes me smile – carefree, no tension, and just having fun playing sports. Life was full of energy as we used to enjoy with a bunch of friends, who I happen to still be in touch with,” replies the hot and dashing hunk Iqbal Khan.

The petite and gorgeous Reshmi Ghosh from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Thi, says “To make me smile it is not a difficult task. You will say something nice to me and I will smile. I am smiling when I am talking to you because I am happy; I am smiling because I am feeling good. You make me sit with good people and food I will smile, always. It is easy to make me smile and cry at the same time.”

Now those are some nice moments that Neha, Iqbal and Reshmi share with us along with secretive secrets that truly make them smile. Good memories, children, celebrations and our own loved ones can really spread a huge smile on our face, isn’t it? But what’s your secret – what spreads a million dollar smile on your face?

Writer: Gurprit
Reporters: Sree, Kirti, and Butter
Editor: Dolly

Iqbal Khan Neha Bamb Reshmi Ghosh

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saaliy 15 years ago awwww wat a sweet artical i realii like all of them .
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tina_sre 15 years ago Very well said neha..kids alwayz brings a BIG smile to ur facc
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roshaa 15 years ago iqbal and neha both have really cute smile...........
wonderful artical thanks alot !!!
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ShellyB 15 years ago awwwwwwwwwwwww Neha has such a million dollar smile its so cute n iqbal has a sweet smile

wot makes me smile the most is iqbal n Neha's jodi their sizzling, jodi made in heaven :D apart from that i pretty much smile all the time or atleast thats what i have been told lolssssssss
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Yeah 15 years ago awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Love Iq n Nehaa!!

I love their smiless.... Iq has this really seductive kinda smile sometimes and a smile with eyes u can't get enough of... and Neha has such a sweeeeeeetooo smilee... it's sooo cuteeeeeee

thankss for the article... loved their comments!!=D
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buttercup 15 years ago im sure atif smiles when he hear my name
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kirtib 15 years ago Well talk about Abhishek Bachchan and I shall smile :)
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