A horrifying experience for Mohit and Aditi...

Mohit Malik, his sisters and beau Aditi Shirwaikar narrowly escaped the Delhi blasts that shook the entire nation last Saturday..


Mohit Malik and his beau Aditi Shirwaikar were in Delhi last Saturday when terror struck the Capital city.

The couple had taken a break from their shooting schedule to be with Mohit’s family in Delhi. “I dropped my four sisters and Aditi at the GK-1 market place and left just 10 minutes before the blasts started. But they were a witness to the whole blast and I thank God that they escaped unhurt”, says a horrified Mohit.

Aditi Shirwaikar is equally shocked as she recollects the whole incident. “The dust bin where the bomb was placed was right opposite the shop we were in. We saw the explosion before us, we ran out of the shop. Mohit gave me a call as he got to know of the blast, and asked us to get out of the place. We ran to the exit and heard another explosion which took place in the other exit at Meena Bazaar. If we had taken that exit instead of the one we took, we would not have survived”, says an emotionally disturbed Aditi.

“It was a horrifying experience and I just don’t want to think about it. It was really scary and I thank God for saving me and Mohit’s sisters. But it was so disturbing to see the bodies and blood out there. It gave a numb feeling all over; I came back to Mumbai and did not go out of my house for two days, it really took a while before I got back my will power”, adds Aditi.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


Mohit Malik

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