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A Hearty Interaction with Poonam on Zee Muzic

Watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 singing sensation Poonam pouring out her heart to Shradha Nigam in a free wheeling chat on Zee Muzic.


This week’s Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007, will have Poonam in a 'no-holding back' mood with Shraddha Nigam.

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Poonam opens up to Shraddha and talks about her journey from rags to riches, the hurdles and hardships she crossed to come to this stage today. According to her, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has completely changed the way she now looks at life. During Sa Re Ga Ma Pa we all saw a total make over of Poonam and in the chat, Poonam tells Shraddha as to how that has been appreciated by all her fans. An emotional Poonam says she is very much overwhelmed with the glory and countless compliments she has received.

Railways Minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav came as the celebrity guest on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and promised Poonam for any help, and it’s a pleasure to know from Poonam that even now she is in constant touch with him. A dutiful daughter that she is, Poonam says that though others are preparing for the World Tour, she is still in a dilemma if she should go for the Tour or not. It will also be interesting to know from Poonam about the deaf and dumb fan of hers who incidentally is also immensely in love with her.

So to know more about Poonam, not just her musical journey, but also Poonam the person, do tune in to Zee Muzic this Wednesday 21st Nov. at 8PM.

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sweats 12 years ago yoo poonam is one of my idols sonn..
i lou herrrrr
bittersweet93 12 years ago i was wondering about the vids of the show as well....

poonam rocks man ;D she was my second fav
angel258 12 years ago where can we watch videos of this show? Can someone please tell me?
Too_Much 12 years ago Ohh common poonam you should go...
You are having a special place in our hearts...
Dont worry that day is not so far when i will talk to you and encourage you for every good thing....

Even a film can be picturized on you and it will be quite inspirational...

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