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50 episodes! It’s a memorable half-century for COLORS' hit show Barrister Babu  

The cast and crew of COLORS’ popular show Barrister Babu have a reason to celebrate. The hit show has successfully completed a milestone of 50 episodes.


The cast and crew of COLORS’ popular show Barrister Babu have a reason to celebrate. The hit show has successfully completed a milestone of 50 episodes. The initial promos of Barrister Babu generated a lot of curiosity amongst the audience, and the eagerness only increased because of the show’s unique concept. Not just the storyline but the audience also appreciated the two key characters of the show- Barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary (Pravisht Mishra) and Bondita (Aura Bhatnagar Badoni). The journey of these two characters at every step questions the social prejudices which has been widely appreciated and also led to Barrister Babu becoming one of the most loved shows on Indian Television.

Talking about the same, Pravisht Mishra said, “I am extremely happy for the kind of love and appreciation I have received for my performance in the show.  This character has changed me and made me even more responsible in my real life.  It is an amalgamation of great people working together and this victory is for the entire team of Barrister Babu for the hard work and efforts we all have put into this show. A very  big thank you to our audience for always showering their love and blessings on us.”

Aura Bhatnagar Badoni shared, “I am so excited and happy about the fact that I got the opportunity to work and experience this wonderful journey along with such great actors.  Each day I get to learn something new from each one of them.  I really want to thank the audience for loving me and my character Bondita in the show. I promise to keep entertaining them even more with my performance."


Barrister Babu 

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Aliyagogoi 2 months ago Congratulation for the half century team Bartister Babu 👏.Many more milestones to achieve.Hard works paid off.Best wishes for future.
Twinkle.MaNan 2 months ago A well played half century.Well done Barrister Babu.I am so proud to be a fan of such a fantastic show.Had it not been Corona,it would have completed 100 eposodes already.Never the less,contents and quaity matters.Aura Bhatnagar Badoni and Pravisht Mishra are the best thing happened to the show.
Majaan 2 months ago Indeed a moment of celebration.Did not even realize it scores half century.Could have been a century.Loved reading Pravisht Mishra and Aura Bhatnagar Badoni's thoughts.Congrats team Barrister Babu.Loved the photo of Aurisht holding hands 🤗
Derrick55 2 months ago Congratulation to the whole team of Barrister Babu..All the best for upcoming episodes.Aura Bhatnagar Badoni and Pravisht Mishra are doing wonders as Ani-Bondita
TinkiGogoi 2 months ago Just watched the 50th episode of Barrister Babu.It had the signature moment where Kaka announced who can manage Anirudh and his anger has arrived and she is Anirudh's wife,their daughter-in-law Bondita.Goosebump moment.Loved the episode May this show shine even brighter and achieve new milestones.All the best and Congrats once again.
Octothorpe 2 months ago Congratulations to the whole team of Barrister Babu. I hope they continue to shine the way they have been. What quality content they are providing. Much appreciated. ❤️
TinkiGogoi 2 months ago Haaye dil khush ho gaya padhke..Barrister Babu is the best show of current time and soon it will gain the top spot in trp and audience heart.If the outbreak of Corona dod not happen,it would have already completed 100 episodes already.Anyway congratulation to whole cast and crew of Barrister Babu team as rightly pointed out by Pravisht Mishra that their hard work paid off.Aura Bhatnagar Badoni as Bondita and Pravisht Mishra as Anirudh are rulling hearts with their larger than life performances.Long Live Barrister Babu 😘👏
--Lalz-- 2 months ago Congratulations for the 50th Episode 🥂 The only show which covers all social issues with content and explained beautifully ❤️ Cheers to barristerbabu 🥰 many more Episode to go 🤩 Both pravisht and aura doing great in show 😍
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