5 High points of Maharana Pratap!

As the show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap has completed 400 episodes, we bring forth the 5 highlighting points of the show.

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Contiloe's popular show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap on Sony TV, is riding high with its success and ruling the hearts of the viewers with its fascinating tale. While the show has achieved a milestone and completed the journey of 400 episodes, we highlight the main high points of the show, which were eye-catching and became the talk of the town.

Here it goes -

Grand wedding of Ajabde and Maharana Pratap -

It was the biggest, lavish and grandeur wedding shown on the television of young Maharana Pratap (Faisal l Khan) and Ajabde (Roshni Walia). The wedding ceremony continued to go on air for almost 15 days. With the opulent outfits, decor and the minute details showcased on the show, the sequence became the maha wedding of TV.

The vast leap -

The show took a leap after Pratap and Ajabde got married. Kids got replaced by the elders one's where Ssharad Malhotra made a comeback to television as Pratap, Rachana Parulkar immediately bagged the role of Ajabde after her previous show Ek Mutthi Aasman went off air. Krip Suri, who was already seen in other shows bagged the role of Akbar and many other actors were also roped in after the leap.

The major wars -

There was a major and the biggest fight shown where they involved 10,000 soldiers in the war. The war emerged between Rao Maldev (Surendra Pal) and Maharana Udai Singh (Shakti Anand) as they both wanted to get married to Rani Veerbai (Sarika Dhillon). The other reason was Mewadi and Marwad getting united in spite of being enemies to fight against the Mughals. But Akbar created a misunderstanding between them and they ended up fighting amongst them.

There was a Siege war which is said to be the biggest war in the Indian history where maximum bloodshed happened. This was planned by Akbar as he wanted to capture Pratap's kingdom (Chittor) and acquired the victory in the war.

Deaths -

Audience saw the death of  Bairam who breathed his last along with the  troop of Afghani soldiers.

Bhatiyani's son Jagmal shot his mother and Pratap took that blame upon him as Bhatiyani doesn’t want her son to get punished. Thus, Udai Singh sentenced Pratap to death. Later, when Jagmal's truth was revealed, Pratap was released from this punishment.

Phool Kanwar's exit -

Before the leap, Phool Kanwar (Jannat Zubair Rehmani) was supposed to get married to Pratap. But as Pratap and Ajabde fell in love with each other, she sacrificed her love. After the leap her character has vanished in spite being the important character and according to the Indian History, Phool Kanwar was Pratap's fifth wife.

Neha Jain

Aashka Goradia Shakti Anand Ssharad Malhotra Surendra Pal Rachana Parulkar Krip Suri Jannat Zubair Rahmani Faisal I Khan Roshni Walia Sareeka Dhillon Ek Mutthi Aasmaan  Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap  Sony TV 

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RisingPhoenix 6 years ago Krip Suri rocks as Jalal ud din Muhammad Akbar
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Jaz_ 6 years ago No one could enact the role of Ajabde better than Rachana Parulkar. Hope to see more of you sweetie.
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prishna_fan 6 years ago Rachana Parulkar is rocking as AjabDe !!!
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rimitimi2000 6 years ago Maharana Pratap rocks, the show and the legend!!
SShrad Malhotra...Heart
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deepu90 6 years ago good eve Rachana Parulkar love you as Ajabde!!!!!!!
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rachuroxxx 6 years ago Proud of Rachana Parulkar...no one cud have played Ajabde so well like she does.Thanx to d PH to notice dis talented girl n select her as Ajabde..
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appyK 6 years ago Rachana Parulkar love you as Ajabde!!!!!!!
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shahsb_26 6 years ago Ssharad Malhotra and Rachana Parulkar
You Guys are indeed the best..! Though I really miss the screen space for Ajabde... :(
Wish it was more... and Ssharad is doing great job...
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aryagr 6 years ago Rachana Parulkar u rock as Ajabde. Love u.
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ReezaZul 6 years ago ASHNA - Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar...plez cme back...
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