2 Years of 'Ooo Antava': When Samantha Ruth Prabhu ignited 'fire' with Pushpa on-screen

The impact of ‘Ooo Antava’ extended far beyond the silver screen.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu

It’s been two glorious years since the release of ‘Ooo Antava,’ and Pushpa. The euphoria surrounding Samantha Prabhu’s sensational performance continues to resonate in the hearts of fans. ‘Ooo Antava’ wasn’t just another song; it was a cultural phenomenon that took the industry by storm, eventually touted to be the ‘Biggest Item Song Of The Century’. The infectious beats and captivating melody of the song were complemented by Samantha’s mesmerizing dance moves, creating a perfect storm that resulted in an overnight sensation. The track became an instant hit and, in no time, turned Samantha into a household name, marking a defining moment in her career and solidifying her status as one of the country’s most popular female superstars.

Samantha, who was already a prominent figure in the film industry, delivered what many consider to be her career’s most riveting dance performance in ‘Ooo Antava.’ The song didn’t just showcase her versatility but also propelled her to new heights of stardom. The music, coupled with Samantha’s exceptional dance skills, made ‘Ooo Antava’ the biggest item song of the century.


The impact of ‘Ooo Antava’ extended far beyond the silver screen. The song became an anthem, playing relentlessly in clubs, parties, weddings, and celebrations across the country. Its infectious energy was so pervasive that it seemed as though there was no escaping the magnetic pull of Samantha’s dance and the addictive beats of the song.

‘Ooo Antava’ not only revived the item song genre but also left an indelible mark on the music industry. Post ‘Ooo Antava,’ Samantha’s euphoria and fanbase experienced an unprecedented surge, tripling her already significant popularity. The last time such a craze was witnessed was years ago, and Samantha’s performance brought back the era of iconic item numbers. The song didn’t just entertain; it became a part of people’s lives, creating memories at various events and celebrations.

As we celebrate the two-year anniversary of ‘Ooo Antava,’ it’s evident that the song’s legacy is enduring. Samantha Prabhu’s contribution to the music and film industry with this iconic track has etched her name in entertainment history.

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