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~*Zaara Help Desk/ Suggestions/Comments*~

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~Zaara Creativity Corner~Huge UPdt Pg10

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Zaara:Pic Gallery (No Comments)-pg 38/39

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Zaara: Written Update & Video Archive

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*~Zaara Archive Mansion~*(Imp Links Here)

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Zaara songs 2- All New <More Added>

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*June 6th Zaara Ind-[Last Episode]

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*&* May & June 2008 Updates *&*

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someone tell me the end of zaara!!!

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Malini Kapoor
Malini Kapoor

as: Zeenat

Zeenat is Zara’s beautiful sister who is married to Aamir. Zeenat and Aamir are very much in love with each other. The couple lives with Aamir’s family that includes Aamir’s mother, his aunt – Gul ...

Nigaar Z. Khan
Nigaar Z. Khan

as: Ayesha

Ayesha is over the top, a very loud woman who wants to control the affairs of the house and for that she is ready to go to any lengths to achieve her ends. Ayesha can even be called a bimbette to some ...

Nikkhil Arya
Nikkhil Arya

as: Nikhil

Alaana's husband, he knows his wife is besotted by him so he conviniently parks himself at his in laws place & lives off them. He is a very demaning boss who dislikes Kasturi & hence gives her ...

Ami Trivedi
Ami Trivedi

as: Khushi

Amir and Zeenat's daughter who was exchanged by Zaara with his son Aman.

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