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Zee needs to change their gameplan

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yeh vaada raha: Guilty Sachin's promise to Kinnari! Chapter 1

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is marketing key? Or can good content and talent survive on its own?

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SonKush are actors- very talented ones too

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Why I Love KarVi and SonKush

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Sonal not part of Naamkarann

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Calling all Sonal Fans: She is back as promised

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Ankush Arora: Zee Rishtey Awards

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Ankush Arora

luxmi_1029 4 1704 6 years ago Vanellope
Sonal: New interview

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Zain Imam
Zain Imam

as: Abeer Dharmadhikari

He is the main protagonist of the show post leap and will b paired opposite Kartik and Survi''s daughter Khushi .. He is a rich spoilt brat in the show

Roshni Walia
Roshni Walia

as: Young Survi

Survi is a quiet, shy yet mature 9-year-old girl who lives with her father Shrikant in a chawl in Mumbai. She portrays a tough exterior but is very vulnerable from within as she fears she will lose ...

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