Yeh Meri Life Hai Cast & Crew


Ronit''s best friend

Kunal joins St Martin’s College. He is a family friend of Ronit who arrives from New Delhi and lives with the family. Kunal is into fashion photography and has the girls swooning due to his chilled-out attitude.

Intially seen as the college flirt for whom girls were a commodity and then later as the mature man who has only one love in his life - Pooja

The main protagonist in Ye Meri Life Hai. She is a middle class Gujrati girl who dreams of becoming a film director. Pooja is a determined girl who is strong and honest. In order to make her dreams come true, she went to St. Martin's college where she studied to become a film director. At St. Martin's, Pooja met the love of her life, Ronit Gujral, but due to tough circumstances, she married Ashmit Gujral, and slowly fell in love with him. He completely changed her and Pooja forgot her dreams, but Ashmit turned out to be a cheater and a liar, and Pooja punished him for it, and is now the old Pooja who remembers that she wants to be.

Pooji Paji's best friend.

Pooja''s husband who is psycho, get dead

Akash studies in the same college as Pooja. Akash, plays as one of the lead actors in the serial. He studies at St. Martin and is Pooja's friend. He is a nice, sweet natured guy in the college. He keeps smiling all the time and is also intelligent, studious and ambitious. He wants to become a TV producer and dreams of achieving that. He is the College Representative.

Ronit's Mother.