Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi Cast Á Crew

“He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it” That is how Taashi describes her loving dad. An endearing handsome personality, he comes across as a soft spoken and humble person and one who is capable of making many sacrifices. Inspite of his age he has maintained himself very well. His amiable, pleasant nature makes him the favorite of whoever he meets. He runs a small quaint restaurant and is still trying to become a cook. His efforts to prove to the world that he can cook is the bane of many funny and hilarious incidents between the father and daughter. He has managed to strike a balance between his work and bringing up Taashi and considering her wonderful qualities he seems to have done a pretty good job. Extremely well read, knowledgeable and intelligent he has an analytical mind. He is sensitive and emotional and does not believe that “boys don’t cry” and you will find him howling while watching an emotional film. Inspite of his sensitivity he has an innate strength that has calming effect on others. He is an example when it comes to loyalty and honesty in a relationship. Having lost his wife Rohini to a freak accident 17 years back he still fondly remembers her and celebrates their marriage anniversary every year. Till today his morning begins with wishing her a good morning first. Though there were a couple of opportunities to settle down again he has happily remained committed to his only love. Taashi admires this quality. His journey is from being a loving father to being the supportive wall that stands between the evil forces and Taashi when it matters.

“The most beautiful thing one can experience is the mysterious” Taashi defines the above. The lovely expressive but brooding eyes on her pretty and beautiful face hint at the mystery that lies undiscovered inside her. All of twenty one and bubbling with energy. She has grown up in the lush valleys and mountains of Manali. Being brought up by her father Adheer singlehandedly after the demise of her mother when she was just three years old she has developed a very high opinion about him. He is her idol and hero. She is loving, polite, well mannered, helpful and ethical. All these qualities have been imbibed from her father. She believes that no one can be as committed as her dad for the simple reason that he still loves his wife and her mother Rohini inspite of the fact that she had passed away seventeen years back and that is one important quality that she hopes her husband would also have. She believes in textbook romances. She helps her dad with his restaurant business. While growing up since the only family she had was her father, she wishes that she get married into a family where she can enjoy other relationships that she has seen around her but never got a chance to experience. She is a great cook and a homely personality. Her best friend is Rohan and when together they seem like tom and jerry…bickering over smallest of things and yet cannot stay away from each other. She is our protagonist who believes that the world is beautiful and nothing can ever go wrong till such time when destiny beckons her towards a journey that threatens to destroy all that she has. A whirlwind romance with a handsome stranger, Arjun, leads into a hurried marriage and then she stumbles upon a lie…Arjun had told her that he does not have a family but Taashi finds herself as the daughter in law of a royal family in Rajasthan…a family shrouded in mystery...a family that had secrets and which posed a constant danger to her life. She soon discovers the murky truth about him and his family and most importantly a curse that threatens to shatter her present and future. Relationships and equations of her near and dear ones change dramatically as truth starts rearing its ugly head. She finds herself trusting and mistrusting almost everyone around her. From leading a simple life in Manali to the dry sands of Rajasthan Taashi falls prey to an elaborate trap and this is the story of her dramatic journey into the realms of unknown.

“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them” Robust, energetic, strong, determined…that is Arjun…there is Royalty written all over him…he describes impossible as “I am Possible”. He does not believe in failure and is keen to walk the thin rope. A “man” in the truest of sense he is a daredevil. He loves living on the edge and loves pace. He is in a hurry to achieve his goals. Spunky in attitude and straight forward he sometimes rubs people the wrong way. He is a flamboyant speaker and a charmer. He reeks of style. He does not give in to the baser instincts like violence and anger easily but when he does he is like a volcano ready to erupt. Intensely emotional and sensitive, he has an air of mystery about him which fascinates Taashi. As if it was destined Arjun comes into her life like a breath of fresh air and within no time wins her heart. He makes an impression on her dad also instantly. He goes about laying down his elaborately charted trap with casual ease of an expert and blows away all obstacles in his path clinically. He is the kind of a man who people love to hate. He lies to Taashi about being an orphan and reveals to her about his family only after they are married. His charm is such that he convinces her to forgive him for telling such a lie. In a dramatic twist in the tale he starts falling for the innocent and loving Taashi genuinely and he undergoes a character transformation as he starts becoming the loving husband she always desired for. He stands up for her and his yet to be born child like a hero. As the story deepens his past life connection to Taashi comes to the fore and they discover that they were meant to be together in this life time to equate their karmas from the past. His journey is very intriguing as it shifts from wanting to destroy Taashi to being her protector

“Love is always gentle and obsession always a rage” Rohan is the young, ambitious and handsome suitor, in love with Taashi. For him she is an obsession and an enigma. He is impulsive, sometimes brash, too eager and egoistic. It’s not that he is not nice or does not have his heart in the right place but more often than not he gets carried away by the situation and regrets his action later. They are the best of friends and have known each other for the past three years. The constant comparision that she draws between any male and her dad irritates him since deep within himself he knows that this could turn out to be his biggest obstacle in his effort to win her. He has an extremely possessive nature and does not believe in things easily and chides Taashi for being innocent and gullible. He loves to buy expensive gifts for Taashi which she does not appreciate as she feels that he should be practical. He depends a lot on her emotionally which is why sometimes he ends up not giving her enough space and freedom. When Arjun enters her life and sweeps her off her feet he gets extremely angry. He is the only one who doubts Arjun’s integrity and poses a threat to him but is unable to expose him. Inspite of the fact she marries Arjun, Rohan believes that someday he will win Taashi back. Further into the story fate gives him an opportunity to confront Arjun under different circumstances and claim his love and the violent streak lying latent inside Rohan bursts out as he goes all out to destroy Arjun and his family. “If not me she will not belong to anyone else”…how do you stop a passionate and obsessed lover on a warpath…