Tashan-E-Ishq Cast & Crew


Leela Taneja is Twinkle''s mother, a superwoman who can do it all. Loving mother, bread-earner, ruthless businesswoman; you name it, she does it. A woman of many strengths, her one big weakness is the love she has for her daughter Twinkle. Leela never got to live the life of a happily married woman, as her husband passed away many years ago. So she naturally wants her daughter to have all that she didn''t, by getting her married happily. But Twinkle keeps rejecting all proposals, which adds to Leela''s worries. Another defining aspect in Leela''s life is her rivalry with Anita Luthra. The two ladies have been at loggerheads for years. As long as Anita plays fair, Leela always comes up with a befitting reply to her conspiracies. But the problem is that many a times Anita uses vile tactics, which leaves Leela in difficult situations. Before these games go out of hand, Leela wants Twinkle to find her ideal match.

Anita is Yuvraj''s mother and the arch rival of Leela, who is Twinkle''s mother. Consumed by her hate for her rival, all her actions are directed towards destroying the Taneja family. She too is an intelligent woman like Leela, but what gives her an edge is that she doesn''t mind playing dirty.Anita has been running her husband''s business ever since her husband walked out on her. Nobody knows why. She has managed to run the business successfully but nowhere as well as Leela runs her business. She is a proud Punjaban by nature, and one with her own distinct style which sets her apart.

Preeto is Amritsar''s local dairy lady, who finds her love interest in Nana at an old age. At one level, she is hesitant because she is embarrassed to fall in love at such a ripe old age. Nana though pursues her with all his heart, and tries to woo her over by helping her overcome her inhibitions.

Raman Mama is Leela''s brother. He loves Twinkle and respects his elder sister. One problem in his life is his wife Pinni, who is under the constant impression that her husband needs to tone it down a little. Pinni feels that Raman should love his wife and daughter more than he loves his sister and niece; a task he more often than not, fails to achieve. Raman is short-tempered, but calms down as quickly as he loses his cool. Also besides his family, Raman mama has one big weakness like any other Punjabi in the world, hearty, well-cooked Rajma.

Yuvraj is a flamboyant, passionate man who loves flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Fearless, pompous and impulsive, Yuvraj''s attitude to life is best described as reckless. But even with all this, one trait that stands out is his love for Twinkle. The twist in the tale however, is that Yuvraj''s love is his mother Anita''s deceptive ploy to take revenge on the Taneja family. Yuvraj''s love is all but just an elaborate act, so that he can bring her world crashing down on Twinkle and her family.

Twinkle is fun, bubbly and a drama queen who is a Punjabi kudi at heart. She is someone who doesn't mind taking the wrong route, as far as it is done for the right reason. She is fearless, feisty, transparent, bindaas, clean-hearted and compassionate. Her biggest fear in life is that she will hurt the ones who love her, especially her family and Yuvraj. Twinkle's outspoken personality often clashes with Yuvraj's flamboyant lifestyle, leading her to constant conflict. Twinkle too has a childlike streak, and in many ways Kunj and Twinkle are similar characters. She is someone who falls for the big, lavish gestures but also begins to appreciate smaller yet thoughtful expressions of love as the story goes along.

Pinni Mami is Raman mama's wife; a woman who would definitely have been pretty back in her day. Like every woman in her society, Pinni too is addicted to brands, and has a compulsive need to look good and live a high-end lifestyle. Mami doesn't like the fact that her husband gives more importance to Twinkle and Leela. This is why she keeps putting him in funny, troublesome situations every now and then. Also she shares an uneasy relationship with Twinkle. She doesn't like her fussy nature and feels that Twinkle is having an affair, which explains why she keeps saying no to all rishtas. Her only worry in the world is her daughter, who she wants to see married into a good family one day.

Kunj is a chilled out, happy-go-lucky, guy whose main motive of doing things stems from his love for others. He is childlike, naughty, a prankster and somebody who is not afraid of failing and making fun of himself. Kunj grew up seeing his father ill treat his wife, so he started compensating for the same by giving his mother the love she deserved from her husband. The two are more like friends now. On the other hand, Kunj doesn''t like what his father stands for- the incessant showing off, his lust for money and the constant ill treating of people under him. That is the prime reason why he doesn''t want to join his business. Many a time he rebels against his father''s wishes.