• Mayur Vakani Mayur Vakani

    as: Sundar

  • Azad Kavi Azad Kavi

    as: Dr. Hansraj Hathi

  • Sharad Sankla Sharad Sankla

    as: Abdul

  • Tarun Uppal Tarun Uppal

    as: Pinku

  • Nidhi Bhanushali Nidhi Bhanushali

    as: Sonu Atmaram Bhide

  • Sailesh Lodha Sailesh Lodha

    as: Tarak Mehta

    He is a calm, composed and a famous journalist who writes a humorous column for a weekly magazine. A well known name in the world of literature'Taarak Mehta' is the narrator of the happenings in Gokuldham Co-operative society. He introduces all the characters to the viewers. He is an intelligent man and can have endless discussions on a topic which can end up irritating his beloved wife 'Anjali'. The man is very fond of giving advice & loves solving Jethalal's problems. Jethalaal trusts Taarak Mehta and finds a philosopher and friend in him. Taarak Mehta on the other hand is fascinated by the way Jethalaal the gujarati businessman lives his life.

  • Nehha Mehtta Nehha Mehtta

    as: Anjali Mehta

    She is a young, sophisticated and modern woman. She believes in creating something useful out of the waste and thus experiments extensively perusing this habit. She is a dietician by profession and controls Taarak Mehta's diet. Jethalaal frequent visits to meet Taarak at their house often upset her.

  • Amit Bhatt Amit Bhatt

    as: Champaklaal

    Champaklaal is Jethalaal father and lives in the village. He believes in the simple fact that Good Indian Healthy Food is incomplete without Desi Ghee.(Indian Butter).He has a loud personality and knows how to take advantage of situations taking excuse of his age. Champaklaal purposely confronts people around him and is a perfect example of Pachpan mein bachpan(act like a child when you are 55). He shares a love/hate relationship with his son Jethalaal and teams up with Tapu causing menace in the society. He rescues Tapu from Jethalaal's wrath. To spice it up he compares Tapu's childhood to Jethalaal's. Champaklaal is a proud grandfather of Tapu and thus extends his complete support to the mischievous lad.

  • Bhavya Gandhi Bhavya Gandhi

    as: Tapu / Tipendra

    Tapu is Jethalaal's mischievous 10 year old son - a very sweet, innocent, smart yet very naughty, hyper active and ultra modern kid. He has the knack to take his father Jethalaal for a roller coater ride with his antics. He is the 'Hero' of his team and a 'Villain' of the Gokuldham Co-operative Society where all the members are troubled by the activities of this menace of a boy. He is extremely attached to his grandfather Champaklaal and has a soft corner for Chutki who is Mr. Bhide's daughter.

  • Gurucharan Singh Gurucharan Singh

    as: Roshan Sodhi

    He owns a transport business and also runs a Mandap Decorators service as an ancillary business to support his wife. Mr. Sodhi is a very short tempered and aggressive man. He hates 'Tapu' for breaking the glass of his window unlimited number of times.

  • Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal

    as: Mrs. Roshan Sodhi

    A Parsi lady married to a Sardar defines Roshan who also shares her name with her husband. She is a sweetheart and very co-operative. She innocently commits a mistake but never realizes it which turns into a funny light moment. Both Sodhi and Roshan always have communication issues because of the language barrier. The irony is that she runs a Marriage Bureau. she gets easily upset if anything happens to her child Goli. She wants to see her son on television and wants him to be a superstar.

  • Samay Shah Samay Shah

    as: Gogi Sodhi

    He is cute little boy who speaks Parsi but is a Sardaar wearing a small 'pag'.

  • Mandar Chandwadkar Mandar Chandwadkar

    as: Mr. Bhide

    A teacher by profession he runs a small coaching centre in his apartment. He likes to raise trivial issues and immediately steps back when it stretches beyond the purview of being trivial. His biggest worry is that his daughter 'Chutki' is 'Tapu's' classmate. He has a constant fear that one day his daughter will elope with Tapu and Jethalaal's residence will be her new home. This thought sends shivers down 'Mr. Bhide's' spine which is why 'Tapu' and 'Mr. Bhide' are always at each others throats.

  • Nirmal Soni Nirmal Soni

    as: Dr. Hansraaj Haathi

    Dr. Haathi is a fat and healthy man who keeps falling off to sleep in the middle of conversations. All the society's residents go to him for medication. He speaks very little and softly. The entire 'HAANTHI FAMILY' are a healthy bunch of happy people.

  • Munmun Dutta Munmun Dutta

    as: Babita

    She is stylish and has a different taste. An 'A- GRADE' junior artist

  • Jheel Mehta Jheel Mehta

    as: Sonu Bhide

    The only daughter of 'Mr. Bhide', 'Sonu Bhide' is a very sweet child who is not only well mannered but cultured as well. She is an intelligent and systematic girl. She goes to school on time, attends all her classes, comes back home, plays for a little while, does her homework, prepares her bag for the next day, prays to God and goes to sleep. Unfortunately her father's insecurities irritate the little girl.Though Tapu and she argue a lot they get along equally well. Mr. Bhide's constant effort that she ties Tapu a Rakhi goes down the drain.

  • Kush Shah Kush Shah

    as: Goli Hathi

    Son of Dr. Hathi

  • Sonalika Joshi Sonalika Joshi

    as: Madhvi Bhide

    Madhvi Bhide is the wife of Mr. Aatmaram Bhide and mother of

  • Ambika Ranjankar Ambika Ranjankar

    as: Komal Hathi

    Komal is the wife of Dr. Hansraaj Haathi

  • Ghanshyam Nayak Ghanshyam Nayak

    as: Natu kaka

  • Tanuj Tanuj

    as: Mr. Iyer

  • Dilip Joshi Dilip Joshi

    as: Jethalal Gada

    Jethalaal is an uneducated Gujarati businessman who believes that humans are born only to mint money. He is a typical Gujarati 'baniya' who will still think twice before entering a plush restaurant. Jethalaal's constant worry is his son Tapu, who is very mischievous. Apart from earning money, controlling Tapu becomes his mission in life. To action the same he calls his father Champaklaal from the village. Instead, hell breaks lose as his father Champaklal joins hands with Tapu, encouraging him in all his mischievous pursuits.

  • Disha Vakani Disha Vakani

    as: Daya Ben

    She is a simple housewife. She desperately tries to keep up with the norms of the modern society but fails to do so.She lives under the misconception that her son Tapu is the most innocent child in the entire world and thus ignores people's complaints against her son.She spends most of her time making peace between Tapu and Jethalaal. A sensitive person at heart she gets tears in her eyes at the drop of a hat.

  • Shyam Pathak Shyam Pathak

    as: Patrakar Popatlal Pandey