'Shree', a love story with a paranormal element. This is the first time that a love story and a paranormal angle are being merged together to form a show like never before. In fact the outdoor creatives proclaim "Pavitra bandhan par ashubh saya", which amply substantiates the combination of two distinctively separate storylines in a seamless lattice. Hari is the ideal son-in-law for every Gujarati family looking for a prospective groom. But ever since his parents have started looking for a match for him, there have been 12 rejected proposals. The family tantrik infers that there is a presence of an 'ashubh saya' on Hari that is preventing him from getting married and recommends looking for a daunting, brave girl who will be able to ward off the evil spirit; the spirit bent to foils all efforts of anyone trying to get married to Hari. Enter Shree, timid and unassuming. The least likely person to ward off the 'ashubh saya', scared of her own shadow…will Shree be able to stake her claim to Hari by defeating the paranormal force?
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