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_SnowFlake_ 1 4645 13 years ago _SnowFlake_
SEVEN Banner Contest - WINNERS :)

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Payal25 3 1831 13 years ago bmtdluver
Special Chit chat with Seven Stars-Eklavya added

pencil -Nadii-   stackexchange 7   eye 4335

-Nadii- 7 4335 13 years ago _SnowFlake_

pencil Payal25   stackexchange 12   eye 3080

Payal25 12 3080 13 years ago _SnowFlake_
Game of the Week - the person below me.....

pencil bmtdluver   stackexchange 11   eye 2368

bmtdluver 11 2368 13 years ago dkmystery
Seven After Party Pics :)

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Lazy-Bonz 1 4525 13 years ago _SnowFlake_

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tehzeeb25 8 2206 13 years ago tehzeeb25

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raginixo 3 1546 13 years ago dkmystery
Is season 2 is coming???

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Atulnagar 6 1947 13 years ago dkmystery
Missing seven :(

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Delishus 3 1248 13 years ago dkmystery


Meherzan Mazda
Meherzan Mazda

as: Mastishk

The one who can read minds Mastishk is regular college ‘hottie’ with supernatural powers of reading people’s mind. Angelic face, baby-smile, great physique and a mischief maker, Mastishk is very ...

Nusrat Bharucha
Nusrat Bharucha

as: Drishika

The one who can see the future Mastishk’s fraternal twin, Drishika is petite looking, vulverable, soft-spoken and very dainty. Highly expressive Drishika is the one can foresee… one who can predict ...

Shirrin Faarooq
Shirrin Faarooq

as: Asmin

‘The one who can heal herself’ A blend of bold and beautiful, Asmin, is the girl who can never get hurt as she heals herself. Athletic yet gentle, sparkling eyes with immense conviction, Fierce and ...

Shivam Sood
Shivam Sood

as: Ekalavya

The one who can move at supersonic speeds Meet the boy from the woods, with an impregnable speed that makes him untraceable when he moves. Although shy but easily adaptable; Eklavya sees the world ...

Raashul Tandon
Raashul Tandon

as: Hriday

The one who can fly Sensitivity has another name, Hriday. Childlike, easily hurt, completely pampered Hriday was overwhelmed to know that he has the superpower to fly. Hriday unlike others is ...

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Wassup TV - Episode 63
Wassup TV - Episode 63

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