Rakhi - Ek Atoot Rishte Ki Dor Cast & Crew


Nikita is Nisha's younger sister, antagonist.

Prince is Kadambari's younger brother, Nandini's husband.

She is Bhai Raja's younger sister whom he loves alot. Nandini meets with an accident and loses capacity to conceive. Nandini was in love with Aryan. On day of her marriage she finds out about Aryan asking half the property of his brother to marry her, she breaks her marriage. She later marries Prince.

Amber Thakur is younger brother of Bhai Raja and Nandini, Gunjan's husband.

Neelima Thakur is Bhai Raja's wife, Aryan's older sister.

Dadi is Neelima & Aryan's grandmother, antagonist.

Kadambari is Sujeet's wife, Prince's older sister.

Gunjan is Fatima's daughter, Amber's wife.

Fatima is like a mother to Bhai Raja, Nandini, and Amber, Gunjan's mother.

He promises his dying mother that he will take care of his younger brother and sister. His day starts with looking at his sister Nandini's face. There is an unconditional love and bond between him and his sister Nandini.

Aryan is Neelima's brother, antagonist.

Nisha is Neelima's ex-friend, older sister of Nikita, antagonist.

Sujeet is Kadambari's husband.

Mukti (will be surrogate mother of Nandini & Prince's child, antagonist,prostitute)

Gunjan is Fatima's daughter, Amber's wife.