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10th July office Office Watch

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9th July office Office Watch

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Pankaj quits Office Office - article

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Picture Gallery-’ NO Comments"

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27th Feb Pictures:OFFICE OFFICE

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30th april pictures:Office Office

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15th may pictures:OFFICE OFFICE

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23rd march pictures:OFFICE OFFICE

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Asawari Joshi
Asawari Joshi

as: Mrs Usha

You might feel happy seeing a woman finally at work in this office... But wait! Know what? She does her house chores in the office - Be it cutting vegetables or knitting! Worse still, she even gets ...

Sanjay Mishra
Sanjay Mishra

as: Mr Shukla

He is man always eating paan. You are right - No civic senses! And he doesn't work without taking money!

Vrajesh Hirjee
Vrajesh Hirjee

as: Mr Patel

Another interesting colleague here - Mr Patel. If any client talks to him and doesn't bribe him, he always has just two things to say - 'Do Baatien Ho Jaayengi'.

Manoj Pahwa
Manoj Pahwa

as: Mr Bhatia

He is a man whose life only revolves around eating food. Beware! You must fill his stomach not only his pockets.

Hemant Pandey
Hemant Pandey

as: Mr Pandey

Very sensitive character (He looks so here too, right?) who gets offended if he is not called Pandeyji. And remember, you still have to pay him to get anything done!

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