MTV Splitsvilla 3 About

When allies of 5 hot couples and an axis of 10 super hot singles clash, the result is bloodshed and broken hearts. World War III has been declared and the battle field is a luxury villa in Asia's most popular beach destination, Phuket. With sizzling hot generals a.k.a hosts VJ Nikhil Chinapa and VJ Deepti Gujral and a brilliant new format, Vodafone 'MTV Splitsvilla 3: The War For Love Returns', is back. All arms used in this war will not only be for hugging!
From 2 boys on a quest for love in Season 1 to 9 boys and 9 girls battling it out on Season 2… This time around, with brand new weapons and a slick new look, it will be 5 couples fighting to stick together and 5 boys and 5 girls struggling to make a mark of their own! What's more? This year, for the 1st time, the war shall be fought on foreign shores - Phuket, Thailand.

With spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and a warm blue sea, Phuket will be the ultimate love destination. The soldiers have mastered the tactics of war, so, deception, treachery and casualties will be seen in every episode. Expect surprises like never before in the making of one twisted tale of love; where the winning couple stand a chance of winning Rs. 10 lakh!

Who will get busted in an attempt to lure? Who will slip away and give into their indulgence? And who will be tempted to stray? However, the ultimate question still remains, Will love conquer all?