MEETHI CHHOORII NO. 1 – the hot new celebrity gossip show on Imagine for celebrity women who are not afraid to speak their mind! 8 women will be put together in a chat room kind of setting to do what they love doing -  talk! We will introduce a topic of the day which would range from fun to edgy, like, "Who amongst these 8 women is most likely to steal your boyfriend?" or "Who amongst these women is likely to stay unmarried all her life?" etc. The women rank each other from 8 to 1, based on the topic of the day, giving reasons for the same. The idea is for the women to be as politically incorrect and therefore as much fun as possible. No need for back-biting, no hush-hush gossip – ab sab kuch aamne saamne! The same topic is asked to regular junta on the streets – a survey of 100 people to see if the women's rankings match with the audience perception. And to add to all the fun, are our two dashing hosts, Shabir and Jay!