Swarg is the story of Shubh – a physically hadicapped person who goes through the ups and downs of his life with as much grace as confidence and sincerity. It is the story of his family that although forming the picture of a love filled household that lives by principle but falters due to a woman's blind maternal ambitions. This is the tale of a mother sending her son in exile in favour of another son. India is a land of tradition and sanskar. Everything we do is governed by a strict moral and social code and it has been so for as long as our civilization has survived. Swarg is a question mark in the face of time – asking whether the principles preached by Ramayana, the epic which narrates the journey of virtue to annihilate vice, still hold true in today's day and age. Just like Rama who went through life, facing all that was handed to him, love, hate, malice, scorn and kindness of strangers but never once swerved off his values, Shubh goes through his life leaning on his crutches – both physical and metaphorical. The crutches his values have imposed upon him that forbid him from taking the easy but wrong way out of situations. Although he falters time and again, he depends on his crutches to give him the strength to rise again. But will Shubh's values, his sacrifices and his selfless service to his parents bring him happiness or will he have to accept defeat and bow down to the throes of today's world? When Rama was sentenced to a life in exile, his dutiful wife and a brother who idolized him followed suit. His other brother, for whom Rama's step mother asked from Rama this sacrifice, refused the throne. But will Shubh be supported by his brothers? Will he find love and worship or will he be mocked? Do the values preached to us by Ramayana stand good just for preaching or are they really something we can live by in today's times?
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