Junoon is an exclusive new show that taps into the country’s passion for good music, playing out an exciting contest to decide the country’s most popular genre of music, namely Folk, Sufi, and Filmy Music! The uniqueness of Junoon is in the individual talent of the contestants, each with a strong grasp of their respective genres, and also that the audience will be voting for a genre of music and not for individual singers. The format of the show is as follows: The show will feature 3 teams, who will represent a genre each: Sufi Ke Sultan – Sufi music Maati Ke Lal – Folk music Bollywood Ke Baadshah – Filmy Music Each team will have 6 contestants and will be mentored by an eminent personality from the music industry, namely: Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Sufi Ke Sultan Ila Arun - Maati Ke Lal Anand Raj Anand – Bollywood Ke Baadshah Every week, the participants from all the teams will perform a song from their respective genres.
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