Kituu Sabb Jantii Hai About

She is the girl with fire in her heart and dreams in her eyes. A girl, who has been brought up lovingly in a middle class family with the right values instilled, but dares to dream beyond the horizons of her little mohalla. A girl who is destined to be one of the recognized faces in the country of over a billion people for all the right reasons…. Kituu—the apple of her father’s eye, the life of her mohalla, the leader of her gang of boys as playmates, who comes to be known as one of the finest women in the competitive world of journalism.

An extremely talkative and a lovable girl with an amicable aura about her personality, Kituu faces life’s biggest challenges at the tender age of 20. While all other girls are busy fantasizing their husbands and their trousseaux, Kituu is forced to bring all her hidden talents to the fore in an attempt to save her family from a potential ruin and a lifetime of debt. With all that she manages to achieve in her life of strife, Kituu truly seems to be born successful in all her endeavours. These qualities also ensure that she reaches the pinnacle of her profession and becomes a household name in the arena of electronic journalism.
‘Kituu Sabb Jaantii Hai’ is the hitherto untold story of a middle class girl who fights her way out through a rather different path in an attempt to balance her family and professional life. It is therefore not ironic that someone as level-headed as Kituu who has the probable solutions to all the problems of her family, friends and colleagues, falters at every stage of her own personal crossroads. Her question to herself “Did I do the right thing?” never seems to leave her mind free because of the turmoil she goes through with regards to her various aspects in her life. This is Kituu’s journey into the unobtrusive terrain—she is triumphant about her professional life finds herself constantly in the winding path of attaining personal happiness. Katyayani Purohit, or Kituu, however, finds the inner strength to face life and all its surprises, pleasant as well as ugly, as comes out of it all as a winner.