Jo Ishq ki Marzi… Woh Rab Ki Marzi, narrates a love saga of two childhood friends Sumer & Sunaina, who are separated because of the hatred between their families. The story is about the young lovers whose love story is paved with jealousy, misunderstanding, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge. Theirs is a love destined to be doomed….a love that defies destiny! As the story unfolds it relates the friendship between the families of Sumer and Sunaina. But destiny’s rude hands tear the childhood sweethearts apart when their families turn into sworn enemies. Devgadh & Dharamgadh dynasties share a boundary on which stands a lone temple of Lord Shiva where lives Jogan Mastani, who has witnessed the eternal love of Sumer & Sunaina. She defies God on their separation and vows that she will dance till the time the young lovers are united. Even the Almighty had to bow down before Jogan Mastani’s resolution and Sumer and Sunaina comes face to face – after 14 long years! The childhood sweethearts no longer recognize each other. They have left their childhood behind them…and are complete strangers now. But the cosmic bond between the star-crossed lovers is as strong as before. Love rekindles in their young hearts and gives rise to a passion that will challenge the decade old enmity between their two families, the two enemy fiefdoms that they come from.
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