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kingsameer 6 1795 10 years ago .preeti.
kahani he purani

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ashishbalmiki 10 4434 10 years ago .preeti.
maharani kalavati

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pp_23 3 3962 11 years ago Yum_SR
Does Any One Watch Chandrakanta

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realbiggboss 2 1498 11 years ago Suneel_kumar
Virendra Singh leads to Kahani Chandrakanta Ki re

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Virendra Singh

EAREYE 0 3512 11 years ago EAREYE
TB:Nirja Guleri files case against Sunil Agnihotri

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.Tanya. 4 2375 11 years ago realbiggboss
Shikha Swaroop returns in Chandrakanta-indya.com

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Shikha Swaroop

Armu4eva 3 3807 11 years ago Neetu_GirlPower
TB:Bharat Kapoor makes a foray to the chota parda.

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Bharat Kapoor

.Tanya. 0 991 11 years ago .Tanya.
TB:Ameeta Nangia approached for KCK

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Ameeta Nangia

.Tanya. 0 1496 11 years ago .Tanya.

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Sumana Das
Sumana Das

as: Damini

She is the love-interest of both Badrinath and Abhimanyu Singh. She works to maintain peace between Chunargarh and Shivgarh. She is very close to Rani Roopmati and is searching for her who is lost ...

Vindu Dara Singh
Vindu Dara Singh

as: Abhimanyu Singh

An effective soldier of Chunargarh who is always ready to fight for King Virendra Singh.

Sahil Goradia
Sahil Goradia

as: Yuvraj Anand Singh

Princess Chandrakanta's youngest son.

Sonia Kakkar
Sonia Kakkar

as: Padmini

A ''women'' warrior of Chunargarh who always suggests positive schemes to Maharaj Virendra Singh, and also takes care of Maharani Chandrakanta when she falls sick after the kidnapping of Inderjeet.

Sheetal Shah
Sheetal Shah

as: Chapla

Another ''women'' warrior of Chunargarh who works along with Padmini and tries to get some information about Shivgarh from Mayajal, an Aiyyar of enemy Chandlal.

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