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Archive Mansion - All IMP links HERE

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~**~Members Slambook~**~

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GOTW:Your **Banned**!!

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jersey no 10

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Has Shekhar Suman quit Cong. for Movers & Shakers?

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Shekhar Suman

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Watch old shows on sab tv

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Like to see 'Left Right Left' season 1

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LRL Media!

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love story serial

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as: Tenzing

Tenzing is Nakul only friend in the Academy. Tenzing hails from a small place in Sikkim but he is often mistaken for as a foreigner; a Chinese. Tenzing is the wicket keeper in the Academy team and ...

Sanjit Bedi
Sanjit Bedi

as: Shivendra Sharma (Shivy)

Shivy is an ex Indian cricket team player, a bowler who is now the cricket coach at the academy. Shivy was a student at the Victoria Academy like Raghuveer, in fact they were in the same batch. ...

Soniya Kapoor
Soniya Kapoor

as: Smita Rai

Smita is Arjun’s mother. She is a calm, dignified woman with a lot of inner strength. She is a social worker and has taken it up in a big way. She is even slated for the next Mayor elections in ...

Shilpa Tulaskar
Shilpa Tulaskar

as: Leela Salgaonkar

Nakul’s mother, Leela is a modern Indian woman who has single handedly raised her son Nakul. She has done a good job as a mother and faced a lot of hardships raising him. Leela wants Nakul to have ...

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