Instant Kichdi Cast Á Crew

The completely mad parekh - a pure Idiot

She is part teacher by Profession who is part of the Parekh parivaar. She gets married to Bhavesh Kumar!!

Babuji addresses him as Moochoo wali Hansa, he is the male version of his dumb sister, Hansa is dumb and innocent and he is exactly the same.... He loves his sister Hansa and falls in love with Parmendar, he loves cooking too.

One essential part of Parekh Parivaar, he marries Meera Ben and later on becomes a Ghar Jamaai, he is not totally dumb but he hogs on almost every food.

Parekh Family's daughter in Law Mellisa first enters the Pareks family pretendig to be a teacher to Jacky and Chakki to get close to their family.

the incorrigable gossip of the house, widowed daughter in law.

Lovable Babuji of Khichdi

member of the Mad Parekh family.

Wife of Prafful, the most adorable couple in the Parekh Parivaar.She loves speaking in english but has no idea where to start and where to end her sentences.