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TOI: Lilliput to enter Gutur Gu-2

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Jaydutt Vyas Jaydutt Vyas

as: Jay Ahuja

Jay Kumar totally loves his wife(Bhavna) . Whatever she says he happily accepts. She is his lucky charm. At the work place she is the boss and he is the obedient Munimji. At home he gets bullied the ...

Rahul Lohani Rahul Lohani

as: Rahul Ahuja

He is the main protagonist, the youngest son of the Ahujas. He is a simpleton with a heart of gold, but mischievous at the same time. He will go to the depth of any situation---his curiosity never ...

KK Goswami KK Goswami

as: KK

KK works at the shop, at home he is supposed to cook, but never does it.. somehow always manages to con kumar into cooking.. he is always hanging around the house to get news and gossip of other ...

Bhavana Balsawer Bhavana Balsawer

as: Bhavana Ahuja

Bhavana Ahuja is the Actual Head of the house--super hitler!! What she says goes.. if bhavna is around then everyone is at their best behavior. In front of bhavna we will see a whole new person in ...

Bhairavi Raichura Bhairavi Raichura

as: Bhairavi Ahuja

She is the Bhavna''s younger , unmarried daughter..… and Rahul''s older sister.bhairavi is spirited, bubbly and is her mom''s darling.. Bhairavi is very carefree and doesn''t care about the young ...