• Almas Atif Ali Sayad Almas Atif Ali Sayad

    as: Shelly

    Shelly is the youngest of all. She is 8 years old. Though, she is the youngest but she is as blunt as one can ever be. She has her own ‘logic’ to defend her decisions that often gets elders by surprise.

  • Shoma Anand Shoma Anand

    as: Nani

    After her daughter’ Sandhya’s death she allowed Vishnu Narayan her son- in –law to come & stay with her in her house for her grandchildren’s sake coz she thought that Vishnu can never take care of the kids alone.. She is a strong lady who believes in discipline. She loves the kids but is quite tough with them outwardly for enforcing discipline.

  • Shweta Gulati Shweta Gulati

    as: Sandhya Shastri

  • Varun Badola Varun Badola

    as: V.N Shastri

    She died couple of years back . She has become a Pari and comes back from heaven to help her kids and thus, has magical powers at her disposal. She can do whatever she wants or the kids want. She can only be seen by the kids and no one else. but there is a catch ..she is not a full pari yet as she hasn't completed the course so many a times she gets stuck with her magic mantras and formulas and they backfire.