Ghar Ki Baat Hai

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Ghar Ki Baat Hai

Cast & Credits

Radhika is a complete shopaholic and extremely superstitious, an ardent believer of Tarot Card Reading. Radhika worships the word “sale” and will buy anything and everything, which comes at discounted rates. She loves reading all the girly magazines and believes in compatibility tests and relation check-o-meters in these magazines.

Rajdeep is an adorable husband, who works for a multinational company and is busy chasing deadlines. He always gets into troubles because of his wife Radhika, Kaku & the Ahluwalia’s. He shares a love hate relationship with his brother-in law Kapil who came as a gift hamper with his wife.

Mr. X is the highlight of the show. He portrays different characters in every episode. He will be making appearances in various get ups like vegetable vendor, insurance agent, watchman etc.