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Ghar Ki Baat Hai

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Love.Karantacks 2 1887 13 years ago queenidda
Hi new here

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disney101 3 1363 13 years ago P.Kamaljit.Sean
ghar ki baat hai saeson 2 on the cards!

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Article:Jayati’s the most colourful actress!

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r_ahmed_shah 2 14623 13 years ago P.Kamaljit.Sean
The 2nd episodes?

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Is Ali Asgar gay ?

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Ali Asgar

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Which character is your favorite?

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Nice Show

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GKBH Slam Book/Introduction

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VIEW ALL right-dir
Juhi Babbar
Juhi Babbar

as: Radhika Yagnik

Radhika is a complete shopaholic and extremely superstitious, an ardent believer of Tarot Card Reading. Radhika worships the word “sale” and will buy anything and everything, which comes at discounted ...

Sumeet Raghavan
Sumeet Raghavan

as: Rajdeep Yagnik

Rajdeep is an adorable husband, who works for a multinational company and is busy chasing deadlines. He always gets into troubles because of his wife Radhika, Kaku & the Ahluwalia’s. He shares a love ...

Ali Asgar
Ali Asgar

as: Mr. X

Mr. X is the highlight of the show. He portrays different characters in every episode. He will be making appearances in various get ups like vegetable vendor, insurance agent, watchman etc.

Jayati Bhatia
Jayati Bhatia

as: Dolly Ahluwalia

Radhika’s neighbor, Dolly is a typical newly rich loud Punjabi, always decked up; who thinks whatever she does is right! Dolly shares a love-hate relationship with Radhika. Her all time favorite hobby ...

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