Aamir Ali Malik Aamir Ali Malik

as: Inspector Bajrang Pandey

enters the show in season 3. He is an inspector who is interested in girls, but has to stay away from them as his guru told him that he would die if he got married.. The police inspector's role is later played by other actors as the inspectors keep on getting transferred to other police stations.

Ali Asgar Ali Asgar

as: Inspector Raj Aaryan

enters the show in season 2. He is attracted towards inspector Chandramukhi, although she is mostly unaware of his attempts to impress her. Feeling insecure about the fact that Chandramukhi is taller and physically stronger than he, most plans of his fail miserably with Chandramukhi saving the day in the end.

Kavita Kaushik Kavita Kaushik

as: Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala

She plays the role of a police sub-inspector in the Iman Chowki and has a central role in solving the cases. She is known for her manly nature and bossy attitude towards her colleagues. She always keeps her subordinates in check and puts all her efforts in solving the cases.

Aakanksha Nimonkar Aakanksha Nimonkar

as: Kimi, Umrao Jaan

Playes several different charachters

Shiv Pandit Shiv Pandit

as: Inspector Hanuman Prasaad Pandey

He is love interest for season 1, is actually a con man and a small time crook who has disguised himself as an Inspector and is hiding from the underworld, while he has tricked the real Hanuman Prasad has been tricked to Jhumreetalliyya. He is always irritated by Chandramukhi.

Gopi Bhalla Gopi Bhalla

as: Gopinath Gandotra

He plays the role of an aged constable and rarely plays an important role in solving the cases. Generally others mock him. He is often scolded by Chandramukhi upon his silly comments and mistakes while he tries to speak in very bad English.