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ELAS Picture Gallery 2 (No Comments)

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Find ur archives and info on ELAS-HERE!

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September 2007: Written & Video Updates

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*~ELAS Creativity Corner~*

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Pic Gallery- Annu-Nikil ONLY (no coments)

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Section to be Archived Soon!

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~Elas Member & Cast Award Winners~

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* It’s Party Time!!-- (c: Pg.1)! *

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About the Final Episode(12/9)-Your views!

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ELAS Forum Scrapbook: Share your memories

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VIEW ALL right-dir
Cezzane Khan
Cezzane Khan

as: Dhruv

A Neurosurgeon, who will add major twists and turns to Nikhil and Ananya’s life. Dhruv Mehra is an atheist who doesn’t believe in luck and is arrogant enough to think that he is the one who grants ...

Mohnish Behl
Mohnish Behl

as: Veerendra

plays Veerendra with whom Kanchi has a major chunk of shots. and also Anu's long lost father

Nigaar Z. Khan
Nigaar Z. Khan

as: Laila

An insecure woman who is passionately in love but insecure about its outcome.

Shakti Anand
Shakti Anand

as: Nikhil Samarth

The sober Nikhil Samarth is at the crossroads of his life. He is happily married. But he gradually falls in love with the woman who is the surrogate mother of his child.

Kanchi Kaul
Kanchi Kaul

as: Anu

Anu is the main character of this serial. A 18 year old girl with a bubbly nature who's into photography.

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