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Whom would u like to meet in real life?

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Bhuvnesh Mam Bhuvnesh Mam

as: Dev Goenka

Aditi Sajwan Aditi Sajwan

as: Nitya

Teena Chopra Teena Chopra

as: Payal

Vatsal Sheth Vatsal Sheth

as: Shaurya Goenka

Shaurya is the rich, womanising scion of the Goenka clan. A playboy and brat, he is not used to hearing the word 'no', Shaurya knows that with his family's influence, he can get away with anything.

Sanjeeda Shaikh Sanjeeda Shaikh

as: Durga Thakur

Durga has come to Kolkata with the motive of seeking justice for a crime committed in the past. Durga is not only rich, brave and focused with a heart of gold but is also strong, powerful, calculating ...