• Eijaz Khan Eijaz Khan

    as: Abhimanyu Singh

    Host of the quiz show

  • Kanica Maheshwari Kanica Maheshwari

    as: Meenakshi Rathi

  • Maninee De Mishra Maninee De Mishra

    as: Officer Agrima Singh

  • Ashok Lokhande Ashok Lokhande

    as: Arun Rathi


  • Anas Rashid Anas Rashid

    as: Suraj Rathi

    A noble, good looking and sensitive guy who is in his early thirties. He has been a provider to his family from an early age, hence, he discontinued his studies after passing tenth. He runs a sweet shop and has learnt the tricks of the trade. He is a sweet talker and a well behaved person. He is simple mind with a mind like an open book.

  • Surbhi Tiwari Surbhi Tiwari

    as: Kanchan Kothari

  • Surbhi Tiwari Surbhi Tiwari

    as: Kanchan

    Kanchan is Deepika's mother she is well educated and attached to her roots and tradition. As the story is based in Pushkar, Rajasthan, she will be playing a cameo of a Marwari woman.

  • Neelu Vaghela Neelu Vaghela

    as: Santosh Rathi


  • Varunn Jain Varunn Jain

    as: Mohit Rathi

    Sooraj's Brother

  • Rakesh Kukreti Rakesh Kukreti

    as: Arvind Kothari

  • Satyam Seth Satyam Seth

    as: Dilip

  • Alan Kapoor Alan Kapoor

    as: Rahul Kapoor

  • Pooja Singh Pooja Singh

    as: Emily Rathi

  • Deepika Singh Deepika Singh

    as: Sandhya Rathi

    Sandhya is a 19-year-old outspoken girl who belongs to a middle class family in Pushkar. She aspires to become an IPS officer and eventually a collector. Sandhya’s dream is an important part of her character but she does not carry it on her shoulder all the time. She is a fun, spirited young girl who aspires for the sky!

  • Aryan Sharma Aryan Sharma

    as: Chotu

    Chotu is an employee in Suraj's sweet shop.

  • Rashmi Pitre Rashmi Pitre

    as: Chaturi

  • Ruchi Savarn Ruchi Savarn

    as: Sandhyas friend

  • Charu Asopa Charu Asopa

    as: Roma Reddy

  • Urmila Sharma Urmila Sharma

    as: Dhaisaa

  • Keith Sequeira Keith Sequeira

    as: Officer Roy

    Trainer at Police Academy

  • Komal Sharma Komal Sharma

    as: Kamla Bahu

  • Kanishka Soni Kanishka Soni

    as: Dhaisa's daughter in law

  • Ragini Shah Ragini Shah

    as: Maa Sa

  • Devyansh Tapuriah Devyansh Tapuriah

    as: Ved Rathi

  • Randeep Rai Randeep Rai

    as: Aryan/Chotu

  • Jyoti Sharma Jyoti Sharma

    as: Disha

  • Prachi Tehlan Prachi Tehlan

    as: Arzoo

  • Kunal Khosla Kunal Khosla

    as: Aryan

    Grown-up chhotu

  • Sehrish Ali Sehrish Ali

    as: Chavi Rathi

  • Gautam Gulati Gautam Gulati

    as: Ex - Vikram Rathi

  • Neil Bhatt Neil Bhatt

    as: Zakir Siddiqui

  • Shivshakti Sachdev Shivshakti Sachdev

    as: Bulbul Kothari

  • Preeti Chaudhary Preeti Chaudhary

    as: Kavita Sharma

  • Varun Hemraj Khandelwal Varun Hemraj Khandelwal

    as: Varun Khandelwal

    Sandhya Brother

  • Varun Hemraj Khandelwal Varun Hemraj Khandelwal

    as: Ankur Kothari

  • Karan Goddwani Karan Goddwani

    as: Vikram Rathi

  • Karan Goddwani Karan Goddwani

    as: Vikram Rathi