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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain? - Creations Gallery

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jenny156 95 43505 3 years ago SilverBell
Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain? - Picture Gallery 1 [No Comments]

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BGPH....Daily Episode Discussion Thread

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🎈🎊 Welcome Back Bhabijee 🎉 🎈

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How long do you think BGPH will run?

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doubt...peep in...

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sab ty show

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sab ty show

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my favorite caretor

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See where are the world famous news channels?

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Saumya Tandon
Saumya Tandon

as: Anita Vibhuti Mishra

Anita Vibhuti Mishra, represents the modern woman, is fair, slim, beautiful and smart looking. She has been an Ex Miss Kanpur and conducts grooming classes for the ladies of her colony. Her grooming ...

Rohitashv Gaur
Rohitashv Gaur

as: Manmohan Tiwari

Manmohan Tiwari is a big miser by nature. He runs his own business of undergarments but prefers to talk of it as Garment Industry as that’s more glamorous to sound. He is typical male chauvinist who ...

Shilpa Shinde
Shilpa Shinde

as: Angoori Monmohan Tiwari

Angoori is a simple traditional housewife who loves her husband and worships him but is shy of expressing her feelings. She loves songs and poetry. Apart from this, she loves cooking as she believes ...

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