Betiyaan Apni Yaa... Paraaya Dhan!

Betiyaan Apni Yaa... Paraaya Dhan!

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about gauri's acting talent

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vishal_99 2 1656 16 years ago Rinkalp90
Bad car, ma-Faisal Khan

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Faisal Khan

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BAY-PD Picture Gallery (NO COMMENTS)

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Celeb Confessions-Manav Gohil

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Manav Gohil

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paraya dhan encore

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Overexcited actor hurts costar during rap

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Rahil in Sssshhh Phir Koi Hai...

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6/27/07- Happy endings

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TB: If I was with Rahil Azam

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Rahil Azam

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Please answer question about Chand!!!!

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Gauri Nigudkar
Gauri Nigudkar

as: Krishna

The eldest among the eldest daughters, Krishna's character is a female version of Lord Krishna. like Lord Krishna, she uses all the weapons of Saam Daam Dandh Bhed for the good of the family. She ...

Jyoti Makker
Jyoti Makker

as: Chand

Dark complexioned and wearing specs... Channd is not a very good looking girl. She has a complex about her looks, no matter how much her sisters and mother try to console her. But God has his ways, he ...

Faisal Raza Khan
Faisal Raza Khan

as: Paras

Paras looks after the family business 'NIRVAAN ATHAANA' (home made pickles and other things). He single-handedly does the marketing and also makes his own money. He is a yes man of his mama ...

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