Bandhan...Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai

Bandhan...Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai

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||*GOTW: Rapid Fire*||

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~~**Happy birthday Chhavi Pandey**~~

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  • Chhavi Pandey Chhavi Pandey

    as: Darpan (Grown Up)

    She plays Grown up Darpan who will take revenge from Vishwas Rao for killing her family with the help of his son who will be her love interest after the leap.

  • Ananya Agarwal Ananya Agarwal

    as: Darpan

    Darpan means mirror-clear and without manipulation. Born on Ganesh Chaturthi, Darpan got her name because when she was born the nurse who tended to her told Mahesh that his daughter is an exact ...

  • Mrunal Jain Mrunal Jain

    as: Raghav

    He plays Vishwas Rao''s Son Raghav who is a young college going guy in the show and will be Darpan''s love interest

  • Aditya Redij Aditya Redij

    as: Mahesh (Darpan's Father)

    As a forest ranger he is known as the Waagh - the Tiger translated into Marathi.Known by his juniors to have an iron fist for things against jungle, he even has different ways of treating poachers. ...

  • Sudesh Berry Sudesh Berry

    as: Vishwas Rao Tagdu Patil

    Vishwas Rao is a Zamindar in the show who is very strong and is a gray shade character. His behavior is like a grown up child. He is a big shot of the area.