Tarana Raja Kapoor Tarana Raja Kapoor

as: Neha Shergill

A woman in her late 30’s who was the hottest girl of her college. Today she is blissfully married with 3 kids. The guy she married was a casanova of his college and they both had a college romance after which they got married. For her Kids she is their Super Mom and for her husband she is still the girl he fell head over heels in love with.

Akansha Juneja Akansha Juneja

as: Ayesha Ram Kapoor

Mamta Luthra Mamta Luthra

as: Priya's Nani

Azaan Rustam Shah Azaan Rustam Shah

as: Vikram-Neha's Son

Samir Kochhar Samir Kochhar

as: Rajat Kapur

Friend of Ram Kapoor and Priya''s landlord.

Pragati Chourasiya Pragati Chourasiya

as: Pari Ram Kapoor

Mahesh Shetty Mahesh Shetty

as: Siddhanth Kapoor

Eldest step brother of Ram. A young enterprising guy with an attitude that he rules the world and can get whatever he wants with the power of his money. Although efficient in his own way but Siddhanth is always overshadowed by his eldest brother. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so doesn’t know much about the hardship that one has to go through in establishing an empire as big as theirs. Idolizes his eldest brother and would go to any extent to prove to his metal as a businessmen to him and everyone else.

Parakh Madan Parakh Madan

as: Harry

Vikram''s Boss.

Chahatt Khanna Chahatt Khanna

as: Ex - Ayesha Ram Kapoor

She is a sweet, innocent girl next door character. Since she is the youngest in the family she has been brought up in a very protected environment by her siblings and has not been exposed to the harsh world outside. Aspires to be a model following her mother’s footsteps. She has never been good at studies but participates in every Cultural Fest of her college.

Mohit Malhotra Mohit Malhotra

as: Karthik Sharma

A young 25 year old who is very intelligent and at the same time knows how to enjoy his life. He comes from a middle class background and is working for an MNC. He values his family a lot, specially his elder sister Priya. Kartik is in love with a Wacko girl who is in stark contrast to him in terms of family background, upbringing, social status and values in life. He knows that they both are no match for each other but still cannot live without her. Has dreams of making it big someday and give his family a luxurious lifestyle. He enjoys his work as much as he enjoys his weekend jamming session with his band.

Priya Marathe Priya Marathe

as: Jyoti Malhotra

Rajat Kapur''s first love and mother of Kadambari (Kady) and Raina. DEAD

Amrita Mukherjee Amrita Mukherjee

as: Pihu Kapoor

Daughter of Ram and Priya.

Sunny Goraya Sunny Goraya

as: Rishabh Amarnath Kapoor

Ram's Step-Brother. Son of Niharika and Amarnath.

Ekta Kaul Ekta Kaul

as: Dr. Suhani

Asha Negi Asha Negi

as: Apeksha

Sonal Parihar Sonal Parihar

as: Jhanvi

Lovey Sasan Lovey Sasan

as: Rams secretary

Anshul Pandey Anshul Pandey

as: Rahul Shergill

Vinti Idnani Vinti Idnani

as: Mayra Ram Kapoor

Madhumita Das Madhumita Das

as: Shruti Khanna

Ashwin's wife

Niti Taylor Niti Taylor

as: Naina

Kajal Pisal Kajal Pisal

as: Ishikaa Kapoor

A girl in her early 20’s who handles all the affairs of her life with same business like attitude, whether its work or family or personal life she makes every move in a very calculated manner. For her the motto in life is business before anything & anything for business. She always wants to outshine her brother Siddhanth as far as business is concerned. Ishika is seen as the most sought after prospective bride among the elite class coz of her family name.

Salim Shah Salim Shah

as: Raghav Sahay(ex)

Niharika's brother

Harsh Khurana Harsh Khurana

as: Ashwin Khanna

Priya's ex-lover

Yuvraj Thakur Yuvraj Thakur

as: Sammy Vikram Shergill

Prithvi Sankhala Prithvi Sankhala

as: Sudhir Sharma

A funny yet earnest man in his mid 50’s who still aspires to be an actor someday. He is an idealist and a man of principles who has married a one-time model after a steamy affair in his youth with her. Sudhir is completely opposite of his wife - doesn’t have big dreams but wishes to contribute to the world in whichever way he can. He is very close to his eldest daughter Priya and is like a friend to her. He jokes with her but at the same time understands her like nobody else.

Rajinder Kaur Manchanda Rajinder Kaur Manchanda

as: Ram's Grandmother (Daadi)

Sonia Balani Sonia Balani

as: Pihu Ram Kapoor

Amrin Chakkiwala Amrin Chakkiwala

as: Saumya Rishabh Kapoor

Deepti Shrikant Deepti Shrikant

as: ex - Saumya Rishabh Kapoor

Rishabh''s wife.

Renuka Israni Renuka Israni

as: Shipra Sharma

A lady in her early 50’s who has not lost her passion for living life king-size. A one time model married to a man who had a chance to make it big in his youth but couldn’t make due to some unforeseen circumstances, she is a vibrant and loud character who still cherishes the dream of making it to the elite class of page 3 someday. A complete gossip monger who has the complete information about who’s who of media world.

Sumona Chakravarti Sumona Chakravarti

as: Natasha Kartik Sharma

She is a rich and arrogant schizophrenic girl who is used to having things her own way and it is not long before she wants Kartik for herself. She decides that since Kartik is the man for her and she is madly and passionately in love with him, she can latch on to him by 'buying' his love through her brother’s money just like she has been buying everything she ever wanted all her life. But to her dismay Kartik is not the sort of guy to be lured by somebody’s money or power. Though he is also in love with Natasha but not for her money or for her beauty for that matter. Its her madness, her wilder and wacko side that attracts him to her.

Kanika Shivpuri Kanika Shivpuri

as: Dhai Jaa

Rajat Kapur''s Dhai Jaa

Jai Kalra Jai Kalra

as: Vikram Shergill

A happily married man in his 40s who knows the way of life and has accepted that it is not always rosy and there are bad times as well. Vikram is a very balanced person who takes care of his business as well as of his 3 kids and wife. From a Casanova in his youth to a family guy, his life has taken a complete swing. He is a very happy go lucky kind of character who exuberates warmth and gets everyone around him in a jolly mood. He is Ram’s best friend and a very close associate – in fact Ram’s only friend.

Sakshi Tanwar Sakshi Tanwar

as: Priya Ram Kapoor / Pooja Sharma

Mature, in her early 30’s, a person who cares for her family, with an identity of her own. She has her own set of ideologies in life which she wouldn’t give up for anyone. A very level headed female who likes to read rather than going out to party with her friends. Takes tuition to support her family. Is a social activist as well, working with an reputed NGO. Is comfortable with her own self and feels that she doesn’t need anyone to complete her life but still her family is after her to get married, so they try and make her meet with prospective grooms. She has given up on the hope to get married herself but is a firm believer in love and all the rosy things attached to it.

Eva Grover Eva Grover

as: Niharika Kapoor

In her mid fifties but flawlessly beautiful and elegant, she isn’t the evil step mother but rather recognizes the fact that Ram has done a lot for her and her kids. She dotes on Ram like anything and places him before her own kids. She also wants Ram to get married but to a girl of her own choice so that she can always have the upper hand in Ram’s life. She is the care taker of the entire house. At one point she was an air-hostess and that is how she met Ram’s father and got married to him even though he was much older to her. Ram sheltered her and her kids and in return she loved him like her own kid. Coming from an elite family she is considered to be a diva in page three circles. She interacts with all the rich and famous personalities. DEAD

Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor

as: Ram Kapoor

He is the eldest son of his family. After his father’s death it’s he who had to take the responsibility of the business as well as home. A very straight, no nonsense guy. Ram has his ideologies of life clearly laid down. Is in his early 40’s and has this notion that he isn’t fit to marry now as now he is too comfortable with his own company and doesn’t need anyone to share his space with. Is into his business and looks after every little thing that his family need. A complete metropolitan rich bachelor. He is shrewd and a little cold at times not because he is not sensitive to other people’s feeling but more because he hasn’t opened up to anyone apart from his childhood friend. Doesn’t have too many friends. Doesn’t believe in socializing at page three parties rather he believes in escalating his business empire to unreachable heights. Puts his family before everything. His mother is at the center of his life. Not a typical Mamma’s boy but rather respects his mother to the heights of devotion and cannot say no to her.

Deepak Qazir Kejriwal Deepak Qazir Kejriwal

as: Raghav Sahay

Mamaji is the negative character of the show, who is what we call as the toady to niharika. He is comical in his ways, for the fact that that he is a kleptomaniac, has a tendency to steal every little flashy thing, from a perfume to even salt cellars. Also, to the audience's surprise, he always raves about his American tours and exotic vacations, which stand as a foil to his petty habits of stealing. We can see his 'double standards' personality trait, in his conversations with Niharika, where, he makes fun of priya and calls her a hag...juxtaposed to, at the same moment, he praises her of being simple and elegant. On surface he is light - heart and comical, but his evil ways unravel, when he insinuates Nihaarika about how to rule over ram forever. He is pivotal in getting ram and priya married, as he packages, and convinces Nihaarika on the entire idea having an undying rule over the kapoor empire(both for herself and her children) , as controlling a naive, middle class girl would be a lot easy, than controlling a rich up-market, street smart girl.