Madhura Naik Madhura Naik

as: Anushka

Krystle Dsouza Krystle Dsouza

as: Taara

Shravan's love interest

Renuka Israni Renuka Israni

as: Daadi

Shravan's grandmother

Sai Deodhar Sai Deodhar

as: Nidhi

Married to Saurabh. Shravan shares a special bond with his Bhabhi – Nidhi .. Shravan usually never hides anything from her and runs to her in situations of crisis and she is the one who protects shravan from his father's anger.

Sandeep Rajora Sandeep Rajora

as: Saurabh

Saurabh is the oldest brother of Shravan who runs the family business with his father but keeps telling about shravan that abhi iske hansne khelne ke din hain. He too pampers Shravan to the core by giving into his demands each time...

Mona Ambegaonkar Mona Ambegaonkar

as: Usha Sharma

Usha is Sachi's mami who lives with a solo agenda of getting her married... Though she is a mother figure to Sachi she considers her a responsibility and believes that like Sanchi's schooling and graduation, her marriage too should happen in time so that tomorrow society does not point at her saying that she discriminated with sanchi as she wasn't her own daughter... Mami lives, breathes with the hope that soon she will be able to get sachi married and when alliance does not work out she is almost tormented.

Himani Shivpuri Himani Shivpuri

as: Nani

Nani is mami's mother and is a complete contrast to her husband. She treats sachi as a burden and leaves no stoned unturned to display her dislike towards her.. Outspoken and sometimes even rude she has maintained an account of all the expenditure her daughter and son-in-law have incurred to raise sachi..

Karan Wahi Karan Wahi

as: Ranbir Malhotra

Vivek Mushran Vivek Mushran

as: Inder Sharma

Inder is Sachi's mama and is a ghar-jamai as he lives with his wife Usha's parents in their house and also runs their family business of gemstones... Though he has a mind of his own he sometimes gets subdued by his wife antics... He is a good husband and son-in law and is very close to his father in law- Babu. He has raised his deceased sister's child- Sachi like his daughter and wants to see her married and settled. He tries his best to ensure that sachi finds a good family and husband.

Rohit Bharadwaj Rohit Bharadwaj

as: Avi

(Saanchi's cousin-brother)

Addite Shirwakar Malik Addite Shirwakar Malik

as: Preeti

She is Avi's wife

Sahil Sharma Sahil Sharma

as: Bunty

Shravan's friend

Rishabh Shukla Rishabh Shukla

as: Pratap Jaiswal

Shravan's father is a strict disciplinarian and a man of principles and ethics.. He runs a jewellery business and is one of the riches people in their town.. He dislikes Shravan for his callous approach towards life and often blames the women in his house for spoiling Shravan

Ankita Sharma Ankita Sharma

as: Sachi

She is a twenty one year old girl, who lost her parents when she was five and was then raised by her mami and mama. Sachi is a sensible, responsible, simpleton who unfortunately has been rejected by many prospective grooms or their families for no fault of her... She knows that the only tension eating up her Mama and Mami is her marriage. Sachi faces the turmoil of going being prepped and then displayed like a commodity each time a rishta happens to come by but she does it with a smile on her face. She truly believes what her mama mami decide will be in her best interest. But her paths keep crossing with Shravan hinting an alliance that destiny has planned for her though she is completely oblivious to this.

Barun Sobti Barun Sobti

as: Shravan

He is twenty-three year old who belong to a rich family of jewellers and is the youngest of three brothers...Shravan is spoilt, confused, and irresponsible. This callous attitude becomes a point of contention with his father, who Shravan is very scared of and has nicknamed – Hitler... Shravan's family believes that marriage would make him responsible hence they take him around to see different girls. But Shravan keeps rejecting the girls left right and centre on some pre-text or the other which further infuriates his father. Shravan shares a strong bond with the older brother's wife - Nidhi bhabhi and he confides in her....

RajLaxmi Solanki RajLaxmi Solanki

as: Shravans mother