What if you were dinning in a restaurant on a Saturday night and the waitress who kept goofing up your order turned out to be Rakhi Sawant? What if on a busy day, you jumped a red light and the cop you tried so hard to bribe, turned out to be Gulshan Grover? Celebrities are known to be celebrated – popular, famous and with a distinct identity of their own. But what if these very highly recognizable faces were to roam amongst us as ‘everyday people’? Would we be able to see through their disguise and recognize them? Well… you don’t have to keep guessing and you don’t have to wait for long because it’s time to find out. We will bring your favourite celebrities right in front of you! The trick is that YOU need to recognize THEM! Master of Disguise is an innovative Reality Show which is a fusion of tricks, fun, laughter, celebrities and disguises. Each episode comprises refreshing humour indigenously created by the ensemble celebrity cast: Gulshan Grover, Mahesh Manjrekar, Divya Dutta, Rakhi Sawant, Mandira Bedi, Mona Singh, Yash Tong and Shweta Keswani. At the content core are the individual gags where these eight bamboozle common people and family and friends through the use of disguise at pre-decided locations. Disguise not just in terms of costumes and make up but also overall acting ability be it relevant mannerisms or accents. The fun and humour of these gags is compounded by the in studio element of Stand-up. Here again, the dynamic and innovative take off stem from the respective gags with effective use of supporting cast and props. Stringing these laugh riots in a sequence is the Haryana dynamite, anchor Kavita Kaushik. Another unique aspect of the show is the fact that despite being a competition, there is neither any elimination nor a consistent panel of judges. So no tears. No back-biting. No walk outs. Only pure fun, entertainment and laughter. However, there is glory to be gotten. Each week, the celebrity contestants vote for the best disguise of the week amongst themselves. The only condition being that they can’t vote for themselves. In addition to the weekly winner is the series winner (based on viewer voting). The voting lines will be opened post Saturday episode(11:00 PM ) to Sunday midnight. Oh and lest you feel totally bereft without the jury, there is Ghadhashree to more than make up for reactions. This distinctive animated character is a lively, talkie donkey who makes fun, funnier. Bound to be a special attraction for the kids. Giving Ghadhashree’s funny comments company will be celebrity guests each week who will jointly enjoy watching the antics of our disguised celebrity contestants. The show is engineered to bring adventure and action to the genre of comedy that often tends to be one-dimensional. So grab your microscopes, exercise your cheeks and get ready to be entertained by our disguised celebrity contestants who have only one thing to say: Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano!