Ardhangani - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saathi Cast & Crew


Priyam is Kangana's husband, Priyam cannot stand that his wife is far more talented and in-demand than him, and with every passing day, his insecurities about Kangana keeps growing. He even accuses Kangana of having an affair with his own best friend Nivaan. And out of his lowliness complex, he starts keeping an eye on her to know that what Kangana does and whom she meets.

Bipasha is Ashima's younger sister, antagonist

Sushmita is Chandra's wife, foster mother of Kangana

Chandra is Kangana's uncle who brought her up like her own daughter after her parents' death

Maushumi is Priyam's real mother, hates Kangana because of her beauty

Paromita Bhattacharya is Priyam's maternal aunt who brought him up like her own son after his mother's admission in an asylum

Nivaan is Priyam's childhood friend who lives in America, was in love with Kangana but returned to America when he came to know that Kangana and Priyam were in love for 14 years

Kangana is an exceptionally beautiful girl who knows that she can attract any man, but she still hopes for a life partner who will admire and respect her for what she is and not her beauty. But her beauty becomes a curse for her, which changes her life forever!

Onir Bhattacharya is Priyam's uncle

Sonalika Bhattacharya is Onir's wife, Priyam's aunt

Harish Bhattacharya is Paromita's husband & foster father of Priyam

Palash Bhattacharya is Paromita and Rishi's son, older brother and cousin of Priyam, Roktima's husband

Priyam's aunt

Oshima is Bipasha's elder sister, antagonist

Bipasha is Ashima's younger sister, antagonist

Thakur Maa is Chandra's mother

Roktima is Kangana's cousin, Palash's wife, antagonist