Star Utsav, Mon-Fri, 6:00 PM Adventure, action, drama, comedy and fun! Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo promises all this and more. The story revolves around a man called N.P and his friends who try to save eachother from real ghosts. N.P Yadav is from Bihar, who inherits a small vada pav stall on wheels from his chachi's father's brother's son's wife's son and comes to Mumbai with big dreams. The stall needs a place and so, N.P decides on it. But a bunch of kids, Akash, Dhruv, Arnav, Sheena and Kadambari eye the place and his stall. They try hard to scare him away, pretending to be ghosts but in vain. When they finally give up, they are all taken aback as they now have to face real ghosts N.P with a bagful of ghost tongue twisting mantras, comes to their rescue and they take him as their hero From here on the story takes the viewers through different chilling, nail-biting and ghostly adventures. The ghosts follow them but little do they realise that it is not them they are after but it is N.P! N.P Yadav from Bihar, is a Ghost! He is trapped in between the two worlds and his spirit can be released only after he finishes doing 110 good deeds in this realm.
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