Zwigato No Genre yet  -  Hindi  -  2023


Zwigato After losing his job as a factory-floor manager during the pandemic, Manas (Kapil Sharma) becomes a driver for a food-delivery app called Zwigato. With a familiar rectangular backpack, he zips...

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Cast - Kapil Sharma

Production Credits - Director:- NA Producer:- NA

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India Forums India Forums
Review: You will not recognise Kapil Sharma in 'Zwigato' in the best possible way

Zwigato is a tender look at the systemic problems that majority of our population faces ...

Full Review… | 17 March 2023

Times Of India Times Of India
Zwigato Movie Review : Delivers a critical message but at a plodding pace

Above everything else, what the movie effectively does is leave you with empathy for ...

Full Review… | 17 March 2023

India Today India Today
Zwigato Movie Review: Kapil Sharma's film has its intentions right but gets unnecessarily stretched

Zwigato is the perfect portrayal of the gig economy. Even though it moves at a lazy pace, ...

Full Review… | 17 March 2023

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