Character Sketches:

AKSHAY KUMAR as Happy Singh

He's truly a King at heart - brave, compassionate, noble and helpful. But he's an equally flawed human - gullible, foolhardy and accident - prone. Circumstances often overwhelm him and his efforts to do good almost always have the opposite effect. In fact, each time he sets out to help somebody, his entire village shudders at the prospect of impending disaster, when they send him on a mission that's seemingly impossible, they underestimate his ability to not just overcome the odds but also transform those he encounters on a journey that takes him halfway across the world.


She is a chirpy, fun-loving student of law who loses her cool only when confronted by criminals. But nothing prepares her for the twist fate has in store for her when she finds herself surrounded by some of the most dangerous gangsters in Australia!

OM PURI is Rangeela

He's Happy's best friend and also his worst enemy. An ageing bachelor who finds that his friendship with the village's most notorious
do-gooder has cost him marriage alliances; a reluctant Rangeela is forced to accompany Happy on a mission that was his brainchild to get rid of his friend for good.

SONU SOOD is Lakhan Singh aka Lucky

The King of the Underworld. This wasn't the way Lakhanpa hoped his life would turn out when he arrived in Australia. But now as he dodges assassins and runs his empire, Lakhan aka Lucky has accepted that there is now no turning back from this violent way of life... until Happy arrives!


For years, Lucky has shielded his younger brother and kept the secret of his failing eyesight and hearing from the rest of the gang who mistake his handicaps for selfless love for Lucky. Especially when every bullet that Lucky dodges finds its mark on Mika who is at the wrong place at the wrong time or at the receiving end of a gunman's trigger.


He's the oldest and wisest member of the gang. A loyalist who believes in a code of conduct that stresses on following every command of the King, Guruji is the one to whom Lucky turns for advice and the only person who knows about Mika's handicaps.


His job is to eliminate evidence from the scene of crime. And he usually does that with a butcher knife he carries with him. It's the only thing he's ever done in the gang... until Happy gave him the unenviable task of cutting vegetables and becoming a cook!

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