Abhinav and Reva are two struggling middle-class couple in modern day Bombay, India, who have a chance meeting, get friendly, end up falling in love with each other and getting intimate. Reva wants to be a choreographer, Abhinav decides to assist her, and in the process he, himself, gets noticed to play the part of a leading man in Bollywood movies, which he accepts. Then when he attempts to assist Reva to further her career, she refuses any help from him, as she wants to achieve her goals on her own merit. She does get an offer, only to find out that it was with an ulterior motive in an attempt to meet Abhinav, who is now a popular star. With Abhinav's busy schedule, Reva's refusal to accept any help, the two start drifting apart. It is then Diwakar enters Reva's life, assists her in her goal, and makes her famous virtually overnight. Will this change mean a rekindling of Abhinav's and Reva's romance, or will it result in something unpredictable, is the question that remains unanswered.<br><br>

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