Ek Tho Chance Story

What if you have it?
What if you have it and then lose it?
What can you do to get it?
What if you never get it?
Why do u want it?
Someone Cries, Someone celebrates and someone gives it all. Someone Quits, Someone waits, all Because Of Ek Tho Chance.
The film tells the tale of Mumbai city and the millions who get off the train at VT station at every second of the day, hoping to latch on to the magic of Mumbai.
This film is a colorful mural of the lives of individuals from Mumbai city's diverse cultural, social & economic strata. Its multiple tracks trace the hopeful, aspirational & sometimes desperate lives of people who inhabit this city. These distinct tracks run simultaneously along the film, touching and crossing each other ever so often, and finally converge towards a unique and exciting climax.
Ek Tho Chance is aimed at showing Mumbai as a glorious collage of naive dreams, young aspirations, determined grit, cynicism and optimism that is so much a character of this vast metropolis; and all this with the will to look at ourselves in the eye.