Shreyas Talpade: Avi
Avi is an easygoing, hassle free guy in a relationship with Sonia, a working fashion model. Photography has been his passion since school and college; Avi grew this passion into a life long career as a fashion photographer. It was through his various assignments that he met Sonia. Their mutual interest and the common nature of their careers brought them closer.
Sada: Sonia
Sonia was an under-confident, reserved and timid girl before she met Avi. In Avi she found her confidence, her strength, and her love. It was instantaneous. Avi simply adored her and she loved him for that. Avi also became her confident and her best friend. His open nature and respect for Sonia's opinion mattered a great deal to her. She reposed complete faith, trust and love in Avi.
From one of India's smartest film-makers, Sangeeth Sivan, comes Click, 2009's most bone-chilling film. They say that pictures always tell a story. The true story, Click is the story of a young photographer and his girlfriend. He takes beautiful pictures and yet when they're printed they hide a secret. A secret that is so dark, terrifying and menacing that he hides it from his girlfriend. A secret from his past that if revealed, threatens to ruin not only his life but that of his family, friends and loved ones. A secret that comes from a world that's different from ours.
Pritish Nandy communications and Play Entertainment bring you the scariest, darkest, most blood-curling film of the year, Click. What happens when the spirit world looks you straight in the eye and tells you to run of die?

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